The SckoonCup is in town, and it’s changing EVERYTHING

Today’s post is for all mah ladies out there!

A little over a year ago, I had a strange epiphany that tampons are extremely wasteful. Not to mention their applicators are pieces of unnecessary plastic that will forever litter our earth, tampons themselves are wasteful as well. When you think about the amount of women there are on this planet, and then put into consideration the amount of women who menstruate… It’s crazy that we’re still using tampons!

So after having this realization while I was zoned out in one of my classes back in college, I decided to do some research for a solution. I quickly came across the DivaCup, which I had heard about but never in my life considered actually using.

For anyone who doesn’t know what the DivaCup is, it is debatably the most popular menstrual cup on the market. If you don’t know what a menstrual cup is, it is a “type of feminine hygiene product which is usually made of medical grade silicone, shaped like a bell and is flexible. It is worn inside the vagina during menstruation to catch menstrual fluid (blood).” They are reusable, so not only are they good for eliminating waste, but they also save you some serious cash as well!


Why had I never considered using such an eco-friendly (and animal friendly, no animal testing!) product? It’s because before that moment, I had always considered period blood gross. Why? Honestly, because society had told me to think it’s gross!

After having yet another epiphany that menstruation blood is not gross and that it’s natural and nothing to be ashamed of, I felt EXTREMELY  passionate to ditch tampons and start using a DivaCup.

Let’s back track for a sec tho. Why are we made to believe that something that happens every month to half of the population, something that is RESPONSIBLE FOR US BEING ABLE TO PROVIDE LIFE, is gross?

I wasn’t exactly raised to have a feminist mind, not that my mom raised me to not think in a feminist way, I just think that feminism wasn’t on the agenda during my childhood. Honestly, feminism wasn’t something I really dove into until about 2 years ago. Yep, I was a vegan long before I considered myself a feminist. I look back on that now and think that’s crazy!! (Plus, if we think the genders should have equal treatment, then we’re already feminists! 😉 )

ANYWAY, feminist rant over, I ordered my DivaCup online and anxiously awaited its arrival. When it came, I was probably more excited than receiving a new pair of shoes in the mail.


I read up on how to use it, and when my period came, I tried it out!

I definitely had some difficulties inserting it the first 10 times or so, but I had read that soon you’ll get so good at using it that you’ll be able to do it without even really thinking about it.

They were right, soon it became so easy to use that I couldn’t believe I had ever bothered with tampons before!

One of my FAVORITE things about a menstrual cup is that it can be worn for up to 12 hours. I have never been a pad person, just a personal preference, so I’d always wear tampons to bed and somehow miraculously wake up 6 hours later to go change it in fear of TSS, and then try to fall back asleep. Having to wake up every night 6 hours into your sleep cycle for a week is never fun, so it’s amazing that I get to sleep the whole night without even thinking about getting out of my warm, cozy bed (the way sleeping should be!)

Alright so as much as I loved my DivaCup, I had one problem with it. It was waaaay too big for my personal preference! If you see below, the DivaCup is one of the largest menstrual cups out there.


What that means is that there really wasn’t much room for it, so it was constantly poking its way out of me, especially when I would be walking. Bless my wonderful boyfriend Jon, because if he got a penny for however many times I complained about my DivaCup poking me, he’d be rich. (And he’d better share his loot with me because I’d be the reason he was rich, after all! 😉 )

So, it was time to find a smaller menstrual cup.

I wish I could say that this idea came to me all on my own, but it was 110% Jon’s idea. (He even once offered to gift me a new menstrual cup because he hated hearing me complain about how big my DivaCup was, oops!)

After doing some, okay, a lot, of research, I came across what is now my new period BFF, the SckoonCup!

First off, IT’S SO CUTE!!!!!

The cup itself, the packaging, the soft travel pouch it comes in, it’s all adorable!


Initially, it wasn’t love at first sight (or rather “try”) though. It doesn’t open up as well as I found the DivaCup to, so I had a good amount of difficulties trying to actually use it. But once I learned it’s cute petite ways, we became BFFs ASAP.

Seriously, I love it. Not once have I felt that AWFUL pressure-loaded poking feeling during my period. Not once! And I’m used to feeling it for a whole damn week out of each month!

Also, you get to choose which color you want. As you can already see, I chose a lovely teal and I really enjoy the festive-ness of the color!

It also stays SO clean. The material is def different than that of the DivaCup’s, and it REALLY stays all sparkly and pretty.

Let’s break it down. Reasons why I love my SckoonCup:

  • You can’t get toxic shock syndrome
  • It saves you SO much money on tampons
  • It’s way more convenient than using tampons
  • I get to stay cozy in bed all night without having to get up during my period (BIG bonus right here)
  • Cruelty-free!
  • It saves our dear Mother Earth from being littered with even more tampons and applicators
  • It’s made in the USA baby!
  • Made of medical grade silicon, no more sketchy non-organic cotton all up in ya!


I feel like menstrual cups just recently got HUGE. Like I got my original DivaCup, and then I swear 10 other girls that week told me about theirs. It’s one of those things that once you experience the miracles of a menstraul cup, you feel so passionate that it’s all you want to talk about. (Kind of like how I am with my dogs! Sue me, I love dogs, okay?)

So if there’s anything you get from this semi-long post about menstrual cups, it’s that YOU NEED A SCKOON CUP IN YOUR LIFE!

ALSO, we should not be afraid to talk about our periods! It should be as common as stating that we have a headache, or that we have to pay a credit card bill. Plus, like I very forcefully stated before, it’s basically the reason for all life so let’s stop feeling so ashamed to talk about it!

I’M OUT, have a great night all of you lovely folks! ❤ ❤ ❤


THE documentary to watch: Maximum Tolerated Dose

WOOHOO it’s the weekend, which means it’s time to sit back and relax!!!

If the weather by you is anything like the weather by me, all you probably want to do is curl up under a blanket with some tea (and hopefully a furry friend!) and watch a movie. Well I am here to tell you that movie should be…

Maximum Tolerated Dose!

Maximum Tolerated Dose is an award-winning documentary that takes the standpoint of interviewing ex-animal experimenters. This documentary is SO credible because each of these doctors came to the conclusion on their own that not only is animal testing cruel, but it’s also extremely unreliable.  The documentary has “hauntingly honest testimony of scientists and lab technicians whose ethics demanded they choose a different path,” and has an AMAZING way of rebutting any pro-animal testing arguments.

Maximum Tolerated Dose is THE best documentary I have ever seen. Maybe I’m biased because I’m extremely against animal testing, but I love it. SO MUCH.

Anti-animal testing is a cause that has always been near and dear to my heart. Who also remembers being a kid and finding out what animal testing is and being baffled?! It’s a ridiculous concept. Ever since, it’s been a no-brainer to me that I should only buy products not tested on animals, cause who wants to support such a barbaric practice? Literally no one.

After pretty much worshiping this documentary 3 years ago, I interned for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and worked with Dr. John Pippin, one of the doctors interviewed in MTD. When I finally made the connection that the Dr. John Pippin at PCRM was the same one in MTD, I was just a littleeeee starstruck. He made such amazing points in his testimonial about why we shouldn’t test on animals that I felt honored to be interning for the same organization that he worked for. Amazing guy, all the more reason to watch the documentary!

Part of MTD can be devastating (because it’s a documentary on animal testing, after all!) but I’d call it more factual than emotional. There’s something to be said about a documentary that sways you by facts first, then followed by emotion.

Plus, are you like me and you’re feeling the horror movie vibe as Halloween approaches us? Then this is THE film for you. But instead of being left feeling helpless and scared, this is something that you can actually take a stand against and do something about! Which, let’s be real, is what this life is all about, standing up for what you believe in!

You can watch it by paying $8.50 on the website, and then you own a copy of it for life! (I personally paid the $8.50 without thinking about it because I’d rather watch this legally and give money to this documentary than watch it illegally.)

PLUS the soundtrack is strangely AMAZING. It has some gooooood jams to listen to on a rainy day!

Just wanted to throw this out there too: If after watching this documentary you’re no longer feeling so down with animal testing, use the Cruelty Cutter app to see which products of yours are cruelty free!

Seriously let me know if you watch the documentary, cause I LOVE hearing what other people have to say about it! (You’re gonna LOVE it.)

Happy Saturday! ❤ ❤ ❤

Feel a cold coming on? Start drinking!

This winter, I have decided to get experimental with things.

I am someone who HATES getting sick. Are you one of those high-functioning-with-a-cold people? If you are I envy you. ENVY you. I am awful at even doing a simple task like watching TV or sleeping when I have a cold!

My go-to remedy to cure a cold has always been miso soup. Miso has so so so many healing properties and is insanely good for a cold. So in the past, whenever I felt a cold coming on, I would buy 2 quarts of miso soup and drink up!

But this winter, I wanted something more than just soup. I wanted a daily drink of some sort to help keep colds away all winter long.

Which is why I have conjured up my miso-ginger-lemon-turmeric cold repellant drink!

To break it down, it’s basically just a miso broth with lots of ginger, lots of lemon, and lotsssss of turmeric.


Miso is so important in this drink because it is chock full of enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Miso is fermented and contains beneficial bacteria as well. It’s also considered a complete protein, who knew?! And if it couldn’t get any better, it’s got loads of B12 in it which is great for telling all those people who love to pester vegans about their B12 source! (LOL kidding…okay only half kidding.) Overall, miso strengthens the immune system and keeps your health at top-notch for when you do encounter the potential to catch a cold.

BTW, for this drink I use white miso because it has less sodium, and I also like how it tastes better. You can absolutely use whatever type of miso you’d like! One more quick note about miso, have you heard to NEVER let your miso boil? It kills all the good stuff in it!

Ginger is key in this recipe because it is a miracle worker when it comes to the common cold. Ginger has been used forever in curing and aiding lots of illnesses. Like miso, it keeps the immune system in tip-top shape. It also can help break down the accumulation of toxins in your organs. WOOHOO ya gotta love that!! To sum this bad boy up, ginger has been used foreverrrr to combat a cold.


Lemons are absolutely necessary in this drink because, well for one, lemon juice is delicious!! Have I mentioned yet how not only healthy this drink is, but how tasty it is?! Well, it’s a very tasty drink. Back to lemons though, lemons are not only delish but they decrease the strength of the cold and flu virus in the body and reduces phlegm. Who doesn’t love that?! Lemon’s vitamin C content is also a huge key in recovering from a cold. Plus, again, LEMONS TASTE AMAZING! Isn’t it crazy that our earth created lemons, and that they’re not manmade?! (< LOL most vegan thing I’ve ever said.)


Last but absolutely not least, turmeric is a necessity because it is a remedy for pretty much everything! Turmeric tea is a popular remedy for the common cold, and for good reason because of its healing properties! The animals at the Sanctuary I work at even take turmeric supplements for their health. It’s such a super food (super spice?) that we’d be silly to not take advance of it!

Now that we know why each ingredient is a necessity, let’s make this drink already!

So this recipe makes a week’s worth of drinks, aka 7 cups, one for each morning! The reason I use 8 cups of water when this recipe is meant to make 7 cups is that I have found that in the boiling process, measuring out process, and everything else in between, somehow 7 even cups to start with doesn’t give you 7 even cups to finish with. Hence, I add an extra cup to ensure that I’ll have a full cup each day.

8 cups water
7 tbs miso
1 heaping cup crushed peeled ginger
2 lemons
1 tb turmeric

  1. Measure out 8 cups of water, and bring to a boil in a large soup pot.
  2. While you’re waiting for your water to boil, peel and crush  your ginger and quarter your lemons for easy juicing.
  3. When the water has reached a boil, add the ginger, squeeze in the lemon juice, and add the peels as well for added lemon oil and nutrients. Stir, then stir in the turmeric.
  4. Finally, when you are positive that the broth has cooled down away from boiling, add the 7 tbs of miso and stir until dissolved.
  5. After 30 minutes, you can either strain your “tea” and transfer to containers, or leave the ginger chunks and lemon peels in and transfer to containers as is. I  personally like to leave them in so my “tea” brews all week and so the next batch is more gingery and lemony than the last!

I like to store my drinks for the week in old miso soup quart containers. Who doesn’t have like 10 of them lying around the house at a time, and they’re liquid-tight so there are no messes in the fridge!

To drink each morning, mix it up with a spoon (miso settles!) and measure out a cup. I warm mine up in the microwave for 1-2 minutes, just enough so I know it won’t boil.

So since this “tea” has everything we should be getting daily to keep a cold away, fingers crossed it does the trick! Try it with me this winter! Let’s see how long we can go before catching a dreadful cold!

What’s your secret ingredient that helps keep away winter time colds? Would it be a delish addition to this drink?! Let me know!

Hi, my name is Meredith, and I have an obsession with method cleaning products

Let’s get CLEAN.

Before I went vegan, I never really knew what cleaning products were cruelty free and which were not. I have always been against animal testing since I was a kid, so in terms of buying cleaning products, I always just stuck to Rite Aid brand.

So when I went vegan for good, I had all this energy to veganize EVERYTHING in my life. That’s when I discovered….

method cleaning products

How many of you guys have used method before? For anyone who doesn’t know the brand, they are super eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free, and also quite creative! The packaging is very mid-century chic, and the scents aren’t just old boring cleaning scents. For how adorable and eco-friendly they are, they are super cheap and can be found in most grocery stores.

Their multi-surface cleaners are the only ones I’ll use anymore. I honestly don’t even know any other brand of multi-surface cleaner (I think Clorox makes one? They test on animals tho!) but method is the only one I’ll buy!


LOOK how cute this bottle is. COME. ON. Plus, it smells heavenly!

Their dish soaps are NICE as well, and they bring up an interesting point. With all these other dish soaps that we’re using, what are these random chemicals in them that we can’t even pronounce? Not that I’m afraid of chemicals (everything is a chemical, water is a chemical!) but if I’m going to be putting a substance on the things I eat my food off of, I would prefer for it to be as safe as possible. (And also the fact that it comes in a cute lil pump doesn’t hurt!)


They have a whole body line which I’ve personally never dove into, but if you have, let a girl know how it is!

So, moving on, they make air fresheners…


THIS AIR FRESHENER IS SO FUN TO USE. I can not say that enough. I LOVE spraying this spray (yes, I am that person who will spray something to excess if the spray bottle itself is fun to use! Sue me!)

They also make both foaming and gel hand soap. Gotta love options! The driftwood scent is my favorite, it’s so deep and a little earthy. And the bottle looks soooooo cute on the bathroom sink!


Two reasons I can fully get behind method: 1. They don’t test on animals, and firmly believe in always keeping it that way and 2. their products aren’t dangerous to use around the house! You know when you get a spritz of Lysol on your skin or something and you can practically feel it tingle (not sure if that’s just in my dramatic head or if all y’all feel that…?) but this stuff is so safe to use! Plus if you have little ones around the house, both human and fur baby, it’s safe for whatever mischief they get into as well!

(BTW… say “method” 10 times fast. It actually doesn’t sound like a real word to me anymore..)


They have a pumpkin clove hand wash.

I unfortunately have never tried it, and I really got to get my hands on it before this season is over, but it was too cute both looking and smelling to not notify you guys about it!




Cute, cute, cute cute cute!

Alright, last product that I’m going to boast about like a proud parent: their laundry detergents.


Not only are their laundry pumps seriously adorable, but they’re also extremely cost-effective and make your clothes smell like heaven. Plus, it comes in a pump. I LOVE that they thought outside of the box and put laundry detergent in a pump. It makes all those other old bottles look like a drag to use (and in reality, they’re not at all, so all the more props to method!)

Do you guys seriously love method as much as I do?

Why can’t all products be as cute, vegan, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free as method? Seriously, I mean it, why isn’t everyone on the same playing field as them…?




How do you feel about the Burlington pig truck crash?

The past few days, the details of the Burlington truck crash have been playing over and over in my head. I am so sickened by everything I have heard regarding the tragedy. 

I shared One Green Planet’s post on the crash from the Sanctuary I work for’s social media, and after reading all about the incident and posting on it, I had to go outside and see the pigs. I feel lucky to regularly see such gorgeous beings. They are beautiful, and it baffles me to no end that people eat them. 

People eat other living beings. 

When it’s not even necessary.

These pigs were offered Sanctuary, yet officials thought it would still be better to kill them. I am sickened by this world. How can we do this to living beings, day in and day out? I know the world is changing and many more people are vegan than they ever were before, but enough is enough. I always try to be so positive about the animal exploitation in this world, in the sense where yes it’s awful but things are very slowly changing, but come on. I am fed up and disgusted. If this were a bus of children, it would be an absolute tragedy. Yet, because it’s living beings that we have conditioned ourselves to view as bacon and not as an individual, they are treated more as misplace cargo than as sentient beings.

Pardon myself if I sound angry, but quite honestly I am. Why is it 2016 and we’re still continuing to eat animals? Why?

The best way to stop this cruelty is to speak up. Let’s start talking more about the exploitation of animals and farmed animals more specifically. I no longer sympathize with the person who loves dogs so much and hates breeders, yet includes meat in every meal. Educate yourself on why we should leave all animals off of our plate, not just companion animals.

Where is our compassion? 



WOW it’s been a busy week, and it’s only Tuesday!

To relax and unwind from a crazy day when I get home, I resort to little spa luxuries that make me feel renewed. Ice and jade rolling are big for me at the moment, and so are facemasks. I LOVE EM. Plus, there are millions of different types of facemasks out there, so there’s always a new one to try!

So part of the reason why I am writing this post is to fill y’all in on my new favorite moisturizing exfoliating facemask, Lush’s Don’t Look At Me mask.


As you can see, it is SUCH a gorgeous blue (and makes for really fun Snapchats to send your gals!) It smells amazing, moisturizes, exfoliates, and tones, so there’s really no downside to this mega-mask.

The Don’t Look At Me mask has ground rice in it to exfoliate when you wash it off, which feels quite lovely. To moisturize, it has organic silken tofu and murumuru butter, and lemon juice as a toner as an added bonus.

The only con listed on Lush’s website about this mask is that it’s too expensive, so that’s saying something. If there’s one thing I love, it’s a cheap beauty product, but usually more often than not cheap products are harmful to your skin. So for beauty products, I am a FIRM believer in splurging and treating yourself! (Even though everything in my gut is telling me to drop the $45 eye cream and hit up Rite Aid for a $6 knock-off!)

Speaking of treating yourself, the day I bought this facemask at the mall I was having the most lovely indulgence day. Don’t you just love days that are all about renewing yourself and getting yourself to feel all brand new and ready for the week? I bought new jeans from Madewell, got a new bra from the Urban sale rack, and then went to Lush and got a hand massage from the woman who was helping me pick out my products. It was a GREAT day.

So let’s talk more about this delightful mask. The sound that this mask makes when you stick your finger in it is that of froth from the heavens. It’s so whipped and frothy feeling that I literally want to apply it to my whole body, but that would be very expensive and I don’t have the time or money for that. (Okay, let’s be real. I’ve always got the time to apply a luscious facemask to my whole body, I just don’t have the cash!)

Their line of fresh masks is perishable, so you have to keep them in the refrigerator. Something about me loves that it’s perishable, it feels like a really fancy artisanal nut cheese or something. Plus, putting on a cold facemask is HEA.VEN.LY. HEAVENLY! It’s like nothing else.

QUICK UPDATE: while writing this post, I literally got so into talking about this mask that I had to put it on because I wanted to so badly. My skin was craving it! The only thing I can compare this to is watching cooking videos, and then whipping up a random meal because you feel super compelled to do so.

Anywho, one reason I love Lush is because of their firm stance against animal testing. Not only do they not test on animals, but they also actively campaign against animal testing. My only qualm with them is that they are not all vegan! It’s a little crazy to me. They go so far and beyond to protect laboratory animals from animal testing, yet still contribute to the exploitation of dairy cows and honey bees. Maybe one day they will go vegan, but for now I still enjoy the heck out of their animal product-free cosmetics. (But still Lush, come on, go vegan already!)

So reason 2 why I am writing this post is because I want to know what other Lush products you guys love! Ya girl recently got gifted a lovely Lush gift certificate, and being someone who loves loves LOVES Lush but doesn’t love spending loads of cash on perishable facemasks, I’m viewing this as my opportunity to ball out and try all those luxurious products that my cheap ass usually wouldn’t go for.

Let me know about any of your go-to Lush products, because I’m in the market for some new Lush goodies!

Talk to you all soon! ❤

Why we should leave goat products off our plates/an ode to my best goat pal, Bartleby

Hey everyone!! Who here likes goats?

I recently have become a BIG goat fan. Like so big that when I come home from work, I can usually be found laying on my bed watching videos of the goats from the Sanctuary that I work at. They are just so FUN. And spunky! And have SO much personality. The free-range goats at the Sanctuary all travel in a herd, and get into the cutest trouble. They’re always sneaking into pastures that they’re not supposed to, and chowing down on plants that they should be leaving alone.

So it was only a matter of time before I told you guys the breaking news… I literally have fallen in love with a goat. His name is Bartleby and he is a riot. When I met him on my first day at the Sanctuary, I was told that he is always getting into trouble, and loves to headbutt little kids. Every day since, I have found this to be absolutely true.

Now if there is one thing I can really sympathize with, it is a misunderstood animal. The look in this goat’s eyes is just TOO deep for me to explain. I know he’s got so much going on in that mind of his, and I love that he has a bit of a mischievous streak.


But that’s the thing about him, he doesn’t look particularly mean or menacing, he just looks like a cute messy haired goat with a stocky body who enjoys (slow!) walks around the Sanctuary. ❤


The thing that (unnecessarily) breaks my heart is that he is such a loner. While all the other free-rangers will be in a pasture together, he’ll be alone eating in a separate area. I’ve been told that he likes to be alone, and you can tell because even when he is in a group, he always breaks off to do his own thing.

I, being someone who loves alone time, should understand him, but I think I’ve portrayed this persona on him so much that I now feel so bad whenever he’s alone! I shouldn’t because he’s probably having the time of his life, but I do love to keep him company ❤ So, to make myself feel better, I make sure to spend some time with him everyday, and give him a face massage. (He loves to rub his face all over your hands when you put them on his cheeks, it’s SO DARN CUTE.)


And when I say that he loves to have his cheeks rubbed, I mean that he LOVES to have his cheeks rubbed. Untitled-2.jpg


So my love for Bartleby really got me thinking, and I (stupidly) realized that people exploit goats for their bodies and that they are included in the species that us humans eat. I forgot that goat’s milk and cheese are super trendy right now, and realized that I knew literally nothing about goats in regards to animal agriculture.

ALSO – people eat goats. Who knew! I am someone who doesn’t get appalled when discussing eating dogs or other companion animals because, to me, all animals are equal. I am equally as disgusted when someone eats a chicken as when the dog meat festival occurs, eating a chicken is just waaaay more socially acceptable. So eating any type of animal literally baffles me, and eating goats is no exception! They are such lovely animals. Really, they’re full of fun and personality and they are so obviously amazing companions that I don’t know why anyone would eat them.

Anyway, I decided to do a little research about goats in the animal agriculture industry. Like dairy farming, in the goat farming industry, baby goats (kids) are removed from their mother usually within 24-48 hours and sold off/ “discarded of.” The girl kids are usually used for dairy production, and the boy kids are deemed useless for the dairy industry and sold off to slaughter.

When my dad visited the Sanctuary recently, he asked if we ever milk the goats. I completely understand why he asked, because I too used to think that all animals need to be milked, whether they recently have given birth or not. But this is not the case! I told him that an animal will only produce milk if they’ve recently had babies, and sadly, in the animal agriculture industry, they almost never get to keep their babies and are milked far beyond the amount of time that babies would be feeding off of them.

Plus, in order to get animals pregnant, they almost always are artificially inseminated, which is done using something called a rape rack. I kid you not, I did not make up this term! Aka, “artificial insemination” is a polite way of saying they are forcefully impregnated against their will.

A good way to remember this is to think of us humans. Women only produce breast milk after they’ve had a baby, and animals are the same way! When I was a vegetarian (which was for 8 years of my life) I genuinely thought that cows always produce milk, and that it was fine for me to drink their milk because they “had to be milked.” I am a PERFECT example of someone who should have done her research looooong ago. Maybe now I’m a little too heavy on the “I gotta learn my stuff and research as much as possible!” but a girl’s gotta stay informed!

There are a million and a half other disgusting things wrong with exploiting goats for food production, but you can look all that up on your own. I want to keep this post light and positive because it’s about GOATS for crying out loud!

So back to the happy stuff tho, more on Mr. Bartleby!

He’s such a wide guy because he can always be found eating. Come to think of it, it seems like all goats can always be found eating, but this guy especially.


He is also always doing the strangest things. I see him in this position many, many times a day:


Such a little crazypants!

Like me, everyone who meets him falls in love with him. There’s something about him that is just so sweet, hilarious, and enchanting. If ANY of you live near upstate NY, I really recommend visiting the Sanctuary, and you can see sweet little Bartleby free-ranging around!

If you at all think that Bartleby is a little character in his own, I hope y’all recognize that he is a character and he does have a personality, and that we should leave goats and goat byproducts off of our plates.

And while you’re at it, if you feel sympathy towards goats, research veganism because if your heart is so big that you feel compassion towards goats, there is no telling how much room you have in your heart for other species as well! ❤ I feel that all of us as humans have the capacity to love animals so much that we shouldn’t eat them, so spread the love and educate others on why animals are here on this earth with us, not for us. ❤


We could all use a little banana bread in our lives!

For as long as I can remember, my mom has always made AMAZING banana bread. Like different from any banana bread I’ve ever had before kind of banana bread.

My boyfriend Jon and I were both recently talking about how all we’ve been wanting lately is banana bread, so I was determined to veganize my mom’s old recipe. So I’ve always had a bit of a problem with baking without eggs. I’ve tried all the replacement tricks, applesauce, smashed up bananas, you name it, but my cake/bread always comes out flat. I did a little Googling around, and realized that I was missing a key ingredient in my egg substitution, baking powder!

How many of you are aware of this necessary ingredient for egg substitutions? It’s a real game changer.


The second key ingredient in this recipe? Tofutti sour cream! Instead of a nut milk in this recipe, it’s all sour cream which makes this banana bread DENSE.

This is the mother of all banana bread recipes. Everything about it is perfection. Also, both a warning and an FYI: the batter is ADDICTIVE. Plus, it’s vegan so you don’t have to worry about eating it!

A quick note, this recipe is written up as if the 6 TB mashed banana and 1 ½ tsp baking powder are the 2 eggs that are in the original recipe. As in, I add part of the banana and baking powder first, like you would with the eggs in the original recipe. Not too sure if it makes any difference to treat the 6TB of banana and baking powder as eggs, but hey, baking is a science so I’ll stick to the original recipe as much as possible!


So let’s get to it!

½ C vegan butter
1 C vegan sugar
6 TB mashed very ripe banana
1 ½ tsp baking powder
1 ½ C flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
1 C mashed banana
½ C Tofutti sour cream
1 tsp vanilla
½ C chopped walnuts

  1. Preheat the oven to 350°, and grease your pan. For this particular batch of banana bread, I used a 9x9x2 pan because I didn’t have a loaf pan, but a loaf pan is what my mom always uses to make this recipe.
  2. Melt the butter (I do it in the microwave) in a large bowl, and combine with sugar.
  3. Add the 6 TB mashed banana and baking powder, and stir well.
  4. Add the flour, baking soda, and salt, and stir well.
  5. Add 1 C mashed bananas, sour cream, and vanilla, and stir.
  6. Fold in chopped walnuts, and pour into greased pan.
  7. Bake for 40 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out clean.

Here’s a little way to spruce up your walnuts, I use cinnamon maple walnuts from my local health food store instead of just regular ones! They’re a delicious mix between plain walnuts and candied walnuts cause they’re not tooooo sweet but they are AMAZING.

I love this recipe cause the inside stays super moist, and the outside gets dark and a little crisp around the edges. Just how I love my banana bread!


Banana bread is so fun cause you get to use super ripe and old bananas that probably wouldn’t have been eaten otherwise, and the fun part is the riper the banana, the better! I like to freeze bananas when they’re almost too ripe, and then defrost them when I’m ready to make banana bread. Quick, easy, and almost feels like the ingredients were free cause you’re using bananas that would have gone bad otherwise!

Disclaimer about the photos: sorry for the strange settings that these photographs are taken in, I’m aware that a piece of banana bread doesn’t really look its best next to wood chips. My apartment gets awful lighting, so I’ve gotta resort to the great outdoors!

Do you guys have a go-to banana bread recipe that you swear by? Recipe swap anyone?!

Goodnight y’all! ❤


To all the meat eaters out there: I get you

To all the meat eaters out there, I get that you think meat tastes good.

I used to be a huge meat eater myself, and one who would proudly state that I was a carnivore (yes, I was that uneducated asshole, but I was only 11 so give me a break! 😉 ) I used to say that I would never stop eating meat, and then one day I did the proper research on my own and realized that maybe it was time to change my beliefs, even though my family was pretty against me giving up animal products at first, and almost all of my friends didn’t understand why I was doing it. (Again, we were kids.)

To all the meat eaters out there, I get that you think it’s going to be really hard to go vegan, and that it will alienate you from the rest of your friends.

Maybe they won’t understand for a little bit, but as long as you come from a kind and polite place and explain why leaving animal exploitation out of your diet is the lifestyle for you, chances are they’ll understand. And if they don’t, do you really want someone in your life who is bothered by your diet and wants to control what you eat? Especially when your diet has been scientifically proven to be healthier in thousands of ways, not to mention good for the environment, and obviously optimal for the animals.

To all the meat eaters out there, I get that you think animal agriculture is sad, but that it’s going to go on whether we stop supporting it or not.

I used to feel very helpless about this. I used to watch videos on my family’s first computer and cry my eyes out because I couldn’t stand to watch animals be hurt in the ways that we hurt them. What made me even more sad was that I felt like there was absolutely nothing I could do to help.

I wish I could go back and tell my 12 year old self that there is something each and every one of us can do to help, no matter how young we are, or what background we come from, or what our gender is, or what our cultural background is.

If nobody stood up for what they believed in, especially when what we’re standing up for isn’t exactly the most accepted opinion at that time, then what kind of a world would we currently live in? Exploitation goes on in so many different forms, and it’s our responsibility to stop it. Especially when it comes to animals, because they do not have voices of their own.

If something is so horrible that we can stand to even be looking at it, we shouldn’t be tolerating it.

To all the meat eaters out there, I get that you think your diet will consist of only salads.

If there is one thing I can promise you though, it is that your diet will almost certainly blossom into the most diverse plethora of foods you could ever imagine . I know SO many vegans who were minimalist eaters when they ate meat, and then after going vegan and exploring new options, are now these worldly eaters who will try (and love!) anything. (I am one of them!)

Maybe it’s because I gave up meat at a young age and didn’t really have a chance to branch out yet, but the foods that I used to eat compared to the foods I eat now aren’t even on the same playing field.

My dad always tells me “Meredith, if you want someone to go vegan, all you have to do is cook for them,” and while not to toot my own chef-horn, he is right. He is right about any of us! I always love to show people who eat meat that I don’t eat just salads, (I actually hate salads so none of that is in my diet!) and that my diet is JAM PACKED with the most delicious foods.

To all the meat eaters out there, I get that you think you won’t get enough protein.

BUT YOU WILL! My boyfriend Jon and I always have this joke that as vegans, we get too much protein. It’s true though, protein has NEVER been an issue. Ever.

So I am someone who needs to be eating every few hours in order to feel like my healthy, functioning self. I’m a very hungry girl, and I like my food to be hearty and filling. Green smoothies and raw veggies for every meal? Noooo thank you. The reason Jon and I think it’s hilarious that non-vegans think we get no protein is because ALL we eat is protein. (I eat my veggies too, don’t worry mom!) What’s in my diet that is also jam-packed with protein? Quinoa, pecans, dark leafy greens, tempeh, seitan, tofu, dark chocolate, beans, chia seeds, edamame, almonds, broccoli, chickpeas, peanut butter, the list literally goes on and on. Not to mention all of the delicious meat replacement products that I adore that are literally packed to the brim with protein!

To all the meat eaters out there, I get that you think  you will never eat a fun, delicious meal again.

I really do get it, considering the fact that typing in “vegan sources of protein” on google gives you some of the most boring looking recipes known to man. When I ate meat as a kid, I never ate plain, unseasoned chicken, so why would I do that with my tofu, tempeh, and seitan? The vegan diet is the lesser known compared to the American omnivore diet, so of course there aren’t as many recipes out there. And I hesitate to say that, because there are BILLIONS of vegan recipes out there. The internet is a crazy place, kids 😉 . And like recipes that contain meat, some can be real stinkers. It’s all relative, and you adapt to it and learn the ins and outs just like we adapted to an omnivorous diet as babies.

To all the meat eaters out there, I get that you want to live in blissful ignorance.

I really, really do. When I had first learned all of the devastating information about animal agriculture, I so badly wanted to turn a blind eye and forget what I had seen, what I had read, what I had heard. But I couldn’t, and you shouldn’t either. As consumers, it is our responsibility to know this stuff. Whether it’s hard to stomach or not, we need to know the facts. Stating “I didn’t know!” isn’t a good enough reason for why we are blindly supporting and giving money to cruelty, every day of our lives. That reason just doesn’t cut it. Especially in this day and age, almost all of us have access to the internet. Get on the internet and educate yourself, learn about what you personally are contributing to and learn about the mark you are making. And I don’t just mean in terms of animal agriculture, I mean in all aspects of our lives. There is no excuse to be uneducated.

So to all the meat eaters out there, get out there and at least learn about the millions of benefits of veganism and try to understand why so many people are currently vowing to never consume animal products again.

Because what’s the worst thing that could happen? You may just change your mind on a few things and in the process of it all, help make the world a little bit more of a better place.

I love all of you, goodnight ❤


Step aside, there’s a new hair oil on the block

I feel like I’ve been talking up a storm on the subject of hair oil lately, so it would only make sense for me to update you guys on my newest hair oil obsession!

I present to you…

VO5’s Shine, Glow & Go Beauty Oil


First things first, it’s technically not just a hair oil, it’s a body oil too! So I bought this oil when I was browsing the beauty aisle of my local Rite Aid, and saw how cheap it was. It was like 4 bucks! I bought it instantly after seeing the price, and decided to give it a go.

At first I was confused how to use it. I would spray it liberally to my damp hair afer a shower, and it made my hair SO oily. It looked like my ends were still soaked. I was baffled as to how to use this product, and quite frankly, I was ready to deem it a “bad hair oil.” But this hair oil was just misunderstood, not a “bad hair oil,” and I now understand its ways and cannottttt live without it.

Alright, so here’s the down low: This oil has some GREAT ingredients in it. Some of the ingredients include: sunflower seed oil, burity seed oil, honeysuckle flower extract, macadamia seed oil, argan oil, shea butter, coconut oil, grape seed oil, and biotin. And the biggest perk of the ingredients in this oil? NO ALCOHOL!


With my other hair oil  that I recently talked about, it sometimes felt like my ends were constantly drinking it up yet not getting nearly enough hydration, and that’s because my old hair oil has alcohol in it. So no matter how much oil I sprayed, there was still a hefty amount of drying alcohol that came with it. This Vo5 oil has no alcohol in it, so the reason it was making my hair SO greasy is because I was applying the same amount that I would with my old hair oil, yet there was no alcohol to neutral out the excessive amounts of oil.

You barely need to use any of this oil for it to hydrate your ends, so basically this bottle lasts FOREVER. And it’s already cheap to begin with, such a win/win!

Also, let me just mention that this product is (obviously) cruelty free! Gotta LOVE a product that doesn’t come at the price of animal testing!

It also smells like heaven, so that’s another major plus!

So as I mentioned above, I now understand the ways of this oil and I want to share them with you guys! First off, I never spray it directly onto my hair, event when it’s wet. I always spray 2 spritzes into my palm, rub my hands together, and then work it through only the ends of my hair. Also, every night before bed on the nights that I don’t wash my hair, I spritz one spray into my hands, and work that through my ends so they stay nice and hydrated. By morning, all of the oil has nicely worked its way through my hair without looking greasy!

Sometimes I even use this oil as a hair mask, and a little goes a long way! I only use about 10 spritzes and then brush it all through my hair. It leaves my hair SO silky after I wash it!

You can use this oil on your skin too, which I think is SO cool. I have used it on my legs after I shaved, and it left them SO SOFT. I feel like there’s a loooooot of things you can do with this oil if you get a little crafty!

So go out and get this oil ASAP cause it’s cheap as hell, cruelty free, lasts forever cause you barely need to use any, and does such a good job at hydrating dry ends!!

Goodnight everyone ❤