Betty White: a godsend to both humans and animals

If there is one thing that the world can agree on, it has to be the fact that we all LOVE Betty White. Who doesn’t love that amazing powerhouse of a woman?! While we all adore her for her wittiness and precious charm, there is another huge reason why she should be appreciated, and that reason is her animal rights activism! Today I want to tell you guys why Betty White is the bomb when it comes to what she has done for animals.


Betty White is currently 94, yet she’s living life better than 99% of the rest of us. That woman is just straight up hilarious and soooo carefree. Along with her loveable humor, she always seems effortlessly happy, and I think that is such a beautiful quality to have.

She has been a vegetarian for over 30 years, and she now considers herself vegan. It’s prettyyyyy easy to be vegetarian now a days, but 30 years back? It seems like a whole other time when Gardein and Field Roast products were not a 5 minute drive away at the local grocery store, let alone even existed as brands.

In the early 1970’s, Betty produced and hosted the series “The Pet Set” which focused on celebrities and their animals. While the show was lighthearted and fun, she always managed to work in some information on how the audience could help out with a current animal rights issue. In my opinion, this seems to be the best way to inform people whom usually would not be interested otherwise. Here is a clip of one of the episodes of the show below! It is soooo adorable, just like our Betty ❤

One thing that intrigues people is how Betty manages to stay so young. She has “credited her youthful complexion to giving up red meat” which I think is a really awesome way to spread the fact that meat isn’t actually that good for us after all.


“I do have more in common with animal people. I find myself disappointed with those who are not interested in animals, they lack a certain warmth and tend to me a little self centered. Animal people have a certain empathy – this isn’t just me talking now. Research has shown this to be true.”

Betty has sat on the “board of directors for ‘The Morris Animal Foundation’ for more than 25 years” which is a nonprofit that funds research studies of the overall protection of animals. When speaking about her role on the board, Betty said “It won’t come as any surprise that I love animals deeply and dearly.” What a lovely little lady!

She has sponsored more than 30 studies through MAF, and her sponsorship has helped lead to the discovery of information on postsurgical pain management for dogs, cats and horses, bone cancer in dogs, congestive heart failure in dogs and preventing blood clots in cats with heart disease, and many more ground-breaking discoveries. She has also “increased legal protection for sea otters in California and the establishment of a research program focused on reducing sea otter mortality” and established the “Betty White Wildlife Fund, which provides wildlife researchers timely monetary aid to respond to unexpected events.”


BTW, just a random thought on the Bettster, does anyone else think that she should have played the old woman version of Rose in Titanic? Totally feel like she would have been a spectacular fit…

Anyway! Betty supports the Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM, whom I am traveling with this summer on the 10 Billion Lives Tour! More on that later though 🙂 ) and Friends of Animals. Betty even started a campaign called “Betty’s Bucks for Balls” to promote spaying and neutering your pets to stop pet overpopulation. What hasn’t this wonder woman done?! Seriously though, these are just her animal rights accomplishments. She has also had a wildly successful acting career, how did she fit all of this into her life?!


I could go on for pages about her accomplishments in the animal rights world, but I will refrain. I will leave you all with this sweet quote from the woman herself: “If you’re come in from a bad day and you just have the touch of an animal…it just kind of calms everything down. They are wonderful caretakers.”

Go hug your dog and have a great night everyone! 🙂