The SckoonCup is in town, and it’s changing EVERYTHING

Today’s post is for all mah ladies out there!

A little over a year ago, I had a strange epiphany that tampons are extremely wasteful. Not to mention their applicators are pieces of unnecessary plastic that will forever litter our earth, tampons themselves are wasteful as well. When you think about the amount of women there are on this planet, and then put into consideration the amount of women who menstruate… It’s crazy that we’re still using tampons!

So after having this realization while I was zoned out in one of my classes back in college, I decided to do some research for a solution. I quickly came across the DivaCup, which I had heard about but never in my life considered actually using.

For anyone who doesn’t know what the DivaCup is, it is debatably the most popular menstrual cup on the market. If you don’t know what a menstrual cup is, it is a “type of feminine hygiene product which is usually made of medical grade silicone, shaped like a bell and is flexible. It is worn inside the vagina during menstruation to catch menstrual fluid (blood).” They are reusable, so not only are they good for eliminating waste, but they also save you some serious cash as well!


Why had I never considered using such an eco-friendly (and animal friendly, no animal testing!) product? It’s because before that moment, I had always considered period blood gross. Why? Honestly, because society had told me to think it’s gross!

After having yet another epiphany that menstruation blood is not gross and that it’s natural and nothing to be ashamed of, I felt EXTREMELY  passionate to ditch tampons and start using a DivaCup.

Let’s back track for a sec tho. Why are we made to believe that something that happens every month to half of the population, something that is RESPONSIBLE FOR US BEING ABLE TO PROVIDE LIFE, is gross?

I wasn’t exactly raised to have a feminist mind, not that my mom raised me to not think in a feminist way, I just think that feminism wasn’t on the agenda during my childhood. Honestly, feminism wasn’t something I really dove into until about 2 years ago. Yep, I was a vegan long before I considered myself a feminist. I look back on that now and think that’s crazy!! (Plus, if we think the genders should have equal treatment, then we’re already feminists! 😉 )

ANYWAY, feminist rant over, I ordered my DivaCup online and anxiously awaited its arrival. When it came, I was probably more excited than receiving a new pair of shoes in the mail.


I read up on how to use it, and when my period came, I tried it out!

I definitely had some difficulties inserting it the first 10 times or so, but I had read that soon you’ll get so good at using it that you’ll be able to do it without even really thinking about it.

They were right, soon it became so easy to use that I couldn’t believe I had ever bothered with tampons before!

One of my FAVORITE things about a menstrual cup is that it can be worn for up to 12 hours. I have never been a pad person, just a personal preference, so I’d always wear tampons to bed and somehow miraculously wake up 6 hours later to go change it in fear of TSS, and then try to fall back asleep. Having to wake up every night 6 hours into your sleep cycle for a week is never fun, so it’s amazing that I get to sleep the whole night without even thinking about getting out of my warm, cozy bed (the way sleeping should be!)

Alright so as much as I loved my DivaCup, I had one problem with it. It was waaaay too big for my personal preference! If you see below, the DivaCup is one of the largest menstrual cups out there.


What that means is that there really wasn’t much room for it, so it was constantly poking its way out of me, especially when I would be walking. Bless my wonderful boyfriend Jon, because if he got a penny for however many times I complained about my DivaCup poking me, he’d be rich. (And he’d better share his loot with me because I’d be the reason he was rich, after all! 😉 )

So, it was time to find a smaller menstrual cup.

I wish I could say that this idea came to me all on my own, but it was 110% Jon’s idea. (He even once offered to gift me a new menstrual cup because he hated hearing me complain about how big my DivaCup was, oops!)

After doing some, okay, a lot, of research, I came across what is now my new period BFF, the SckoonCup!

First off, IT’S SO CUTE!!!!!

The cup itself, the packaging, the soft travel pouch it comes in, it’s all adorable!


Initially, it wasn’t love at first sight (or rather “try”) though. It doesn’t open up as well as I found the DivaCup to, so I had a good amount of difficulties trying to actually use it. But once I learned it’s cute petite ways, we became BFFs ASAP.

Seriously, I love it. Not once have I felt that AWFUL pressure-loaded poking feeling during my period. Not once! And I’m used to feeling it for a whole damn week out of each month!

Also, you get to choose which color you want. As you can already see, I chose a lovely teal and I really enjoy the festive-ness of the color!

It also stays SO clean. The material is def different than that of the DivaCup’s, and it REALLY stays all sparkly and pretty.

Let’s break it down. Reasons why I love my SckoonCup:

  • You can’t get toxic shock syndrome
  • It saves you SO much money on tampons
  • It’s way more convenient than using tampons
  • I get to stay cozy in bed all night without having to get up during my period (BIG bonus right here)
  • Cruelty-free!
  • It saves our dear Mother Earth from being littered with even more tampons and applicators
  • It’s made in the USA baby!
  • Made of medical grade silicon, no more sketchy non-organic cotton all up in ya!


I feel like menstrual cups just recently got HUGE. Like I got my original DivaCup, and then I swear 10 other girls that week told me about theirs. It’s one of those things that once you experience the miracles of a menstraul cup, you feel so passionate that it’s all you want to talk about. (Kind of like how I am with my dogs! Sue me, I love dogs, okay?)

So if there’s anything you get from this semi-long post about menstrual cups, it’s that YOU NEED A SCKOON CUP IN YOUR LIFE!

ALSO, we should not be afraid to talk about our periods! It should be as common as stating that we have a headache, or that we have to pay a credit card bill. Plus, like I very forcefully stated before, it’s basically the reason for all life so let’s stop feeling so ashamed to talk about it!

I’M OUT, have a great night all of you lovely folks! ❤ ❤ ❤



WOW it’s been a busy week, and it’s only Tuesday!

To relax and unwind from a crazy day when I get home, I resort to little spa luxuries that make me feel renewed. Ice and jade rolling are big for me at the moment, and so are facemasks. I LOVE EM. Plus, there are millions of different types of facemasks out there, so there’s always a new one to try!

So part of the reason why I am writing this post is to fill y’all in on my new favorite moisturizing exfoliating facemask, Lush’s Don’t Look At Me mask.


As you can see, it is SUCH a gorgeous blue (and makes for really fun Snapchats to send your gals!) It smells amazing, moisturizes, exfoliates, and tones, so there’s really no downside to this mega-mask.

The Don’t Look At Me mask has ground rice in it to exfoliate when you wash it off, which feels quite lovely. To moisturize, it has organic silken tofu and murumuru butter, and lemon juice as a toner as an added bonus.

The only con listed on Lush’s website about this mask is that it’s too expensive, so that’s saying something. If there’s one thing I love, it’s a cheap beauty product, but usually more often than not cheap products are harmful to your skin. So for beauty products, I am a FIRM believer in splurging and treating yourself! (Even though everything in my gut is telling me to drop the $45 eye cream and hit up Rite Aid for a $6 knock-off!)

Speaking of treating yourself, the day I bought this facemask at the mall I was having the most lovely indulgence day. Don’t you just love days that are all about renewing yourself and getting yourself to feel all brand new and ready for the week? I bought new jeans from Madewell, got a new bra from the Urban sale rack, and then went to Lush and got a hand massage from the woman who was helping me pick out my products. It was a GREAT day.

So let’s talk more about this delightful mask. The sound that this mask makes when you stick your finger in it is that of froth from the heavens. It’s so whipped and frothy feeling that I literally want to apply it to my whole body, but that would be very expensive and I don’t have the time or money for that. (Okay, let’s be real. I’ve always got the time to apply a luscious facemask to my whole body, I just don’t have the cash!)

Their line of fresh masks is perishable, so you have to keep them in the refrigerator. Something about me loves that it’s perishable, it feels like a really fancy artisanal nut cheese or something. Plus, putting on a cold facemask is HEA.VEN.LY. HEAVENLY! It’s like nothing else.

QUICK UPDATE: while writing this post, I literally got so into talking about this mask that I had to put it on because I wanted to so badly. My skin was craving it! The only thing I can compare this to is watching cooking videos, and then whipping up a random meal because you feel super compelled to do so.

Anywho, one reason I love Lush is because of their firm stance against animal testing. Not only do they not test on animals, but they also actively campaign against animal testing. My only qualm with them is that they are not all vegan! It’s a little crazy to me. They go so far and beyond to protect laboratory animals from animal testing, yet still contribute to the exploitation of dairy cows and honey bees. Maybe one day they will go vegan, but for now I still enjoy the heck out of their animal product-free cosmetics. (But still Lush, come on, go vegan already!)

So reason 2 why I am writing this post is because I want to know what other Lush products you guys love! Ya girl recently got gifted a lovely Lush gift certificate, and being someone who loves loves LOVES Lush but doesn’t love spending loads of cash on perishable facemasks, I’m viewing this as my opportunity to ball out and try all those luxurious products that my cheap ass usually wouldn’t go for.

Let me know about any of your go-to Lush products, because I’m in the market for some new Lush goodies!

Talk to you all soon! ❤

Step aside, there’s a new hair oil on the block

I feel like I’ve been talking up a storm on the subject of hair oil lately, so it would only make sense for me to update you guys on my newest hair oil obsession!

I present to you…

VO5’s Shine, Glow & Go Beauty Oil


First things first, it’s technically not just a hair oil, it’s a body oil too! So I bought this oil when I was browsing the beauty aisle of my local Rite Aid, and saw how cheap it was. It was like 4 bucks! I bought it instantly after seeing the price, and decided to give it a go.

At first I was confused how to use it. I would spray it liberally to my damp hair afer a shower, and it made my hair SO oily. It looked like my ends were still soaked. I was baffled as to how to use this product, and quite frankly, I was ready to deem it a “bad hair oil.” But this hair oil was just misunderstood, not a “bad hair oil,” and I now understand its ways and cannottttt live without it.

Alright, so here’s the down low: This oil has some GREAT ingredients in it. Some of the ingredients include: sunflower seed oil, burity seed oil, honeysuckle flower extract, macadamia seed oil, argan oil, shea butter, coconut oil, grape seed oil, and biotin. And the biggest perk of the ingredients in this oil? NO ALCOHOL!


With my other hair oil  that I recently talked about, it sometimes felt like my ends were constantly drinking it up yet not getting nearly enough hydration, and that’s because my old hair oil has alcohol in it. So no matter how much oil I sprayed, there was still a hefty amount of drying alcohol that came with it. This Vo5 oil has no alcohol in it, so the reason it was making my hair SO greasy is because I was applying the same amount that I would with my old hair oil, yet there was no alcohol to neutral out the excessive amounts of oil.

You barely need to use any of this oil for it to hydrate your ends, so basically this bottle lasts FOREVER. And it’s already cheap to begin with, such a win/win!

Also, let me just mention that this product is (obviously) cruelty free! Gotta LOVE a product that doesn’t come at the price of animal testing!

It also smells like heaven, so that’s another major plus!

So as I mentioned above, I now understand the ways of this oil and I want to share them with you guys! First off, I never spray it directly onto my hair, event when it’s wet. I always spray 2 spritzes into my palm, rub my hands together, and then work it through only the ends of my hair. Also, every night before bed on the nights that I don’t wash my hair, I spritz one spray into my hands, and work that through my ends so they stay nice and hydrated. By morning, all of the oil has nicely worked its way through my hair without looking greasy!

Sometimes I even use this oil as a hair mask, and a little goes a long way! I only use about 10 spritzes and then brush it all through my hair. It leaves my hair SO silky after I wash it!

You can use this oil on your skin too, which I think is SO cool. I have used it on my legs after I shaved, and it left them SO SOFT. I feel like there’s a loooooot of things you can do with this oil if you get a little crafty!

So go out and get this oil ASAP cause it’s cheap as hell, cruelty free, lasts forever cause you barely need to use any, and does such a good job at hydrating dry ends!!

Goodnight everyone ❤

Easy breezy 2-ingredient homemade hair mask

Hello everyone!

How has this week been treatin’ ya? Do anything new and exciting?!

So how many of y’all do frequent hair treatments? I’m someone who prefers to always use deep conditioner as opposed to regular, has a few spritzes of hair oil in my hair at all times, and takes biotin vitamins like it’s my job. Soooooo it should be no surprise that my new beauty obsession is currently my

2-ingredient homemade hair oil mask!

I’m definitely not breaking ground with this hair mask because it’s quite simple, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is AMAZING for your hair.

It’s super simple and easy to make, and I would pretty much bet each and every one of you money that you already have these ingredients in your house! Plus, making your own masks and such guarantees that they’re cruelty free, which is always the biggest check plus in my book!


(Yes I know this looks like a jar of pee, get your minds out of toilet people!)

So the two main ingredients are:

2 parts coconut oil
1 part olive oil

And some optional added “flare” that I sometimes like to throw in:
3-5 vitamin E capsules

So the base of this mask is just 2 parts coconut oil and 1 part olive oil, so 2/3 C coconut oil and 1/3 C olive oil is an example of the measurements you can do. The vitamin E capsules are just a little “added flare,” but they’re SO great! Sometimes I use them, and sometimes I don’t, so it’s up to you!

(I’m sure you all know this, but you have to poke a pin through the capsule to get the liquid out, don’t just add the capsules to the other oils. Just an FYI!)

Vitamin E is so good for repairing your skin and hair. When I was a kid and would have a bad sunburn, my mom would always put vitamin E on my burn and it would go away SO fast.

In terms of applying this mask, I apply it to my dry hair with my hands, comb it through, and you’re good to go! I like to leave it on for as long as I possibly can, so honestly there is noooo time limit on this bad boy. You can also apply as much or as little as you want. Sometimes I just want to hydrate my hair a little, other times I literally pour it all over my head and hair until my hair is actually dripping with it. When I choose the latter dousing method, putting my hair up in a bun while I leave the mask in is necessary, or else it would be messyyyyy!

Then, shampoo and condition as you usually would do and enjoy your new silky locks!

One of the many things I love about this mask is that after you shampoo it out, there is no reside or oil left behind. As penetrating as it is, once you shampoo, it is out of your hair. Which I prefer because I hate doing a hair mask, and then the next day having it be soooo obvious that I deep conditioned the night before because my hair still looks like it’s soaking wet.  Happened a few times in high school when I was going through an “experimental” hair phase….


It’s liquified in these photos because it’s a fresh batch that I had just made before taking the photos, but when I store it in the fridge it solidifies because of the coconut oil. I like to keep some of this in a glass jar in the refrigerator at all times so that I can throw the whole jar (lid excluded) in the microwave when it’s time for me to use it, that way it’s all always in one container as opposed to a plastic container that can’t go in the microwave.

Plus, heating up the oil is always GREAT because hot oil treatments are soooo penetrating and good for your hair!

Added bonus: Throw on a shower cap over this mask for good measure, it keeps the heat in and makes your hair absorb even MORE of the benefits these oils have to offer.

Do you have any oils that you swear by for hair care that you think would be a great addition to this recipe? Any “added flare” that you think could really spice up this simple recipe and make it all the more fab? Let me know and let’s collab to make a mega mask!

Enjoy your night everyone! xo


My simple sassy vegan beauty morning routine

Helloooooo everyone! How’s Thursday treating you today?

Today’s topic is something that I’m sure we all have a lot to say about, because it’s something that we all do! That thing that we all do? Get ourselves ready in the morning! Whether you’re a throw your hair up in a pony and go kinda gal, or a spend over 2 hours on hair and makeup, we all have a morning routine that we stick to.


Since starting my new job at Catskill Animal Sanctuary, I have developed a quick and easy morning routine that I really want to share/compare and contrast with you guys! While I do consider myself to be a morning person, I do not love getting all dolled up at 8:00 in the morning. I like to wake up niiiiice and slow, so putting on multiple coats of mascara and contouring my face just isn’t on the itinerary.

I do not, though, want to show up to work looking like a complete mess, so I’ve got a few quick and easy cruelty free and vegan beauty steps that I take.


So let’s start with my new favorite,

Jade Rolling!

I bought this jade roller at the beginning of the summer after doing a little research on why we should all jade roll our faces every day. Jade rolling is basically just rolling jade across your face, and people swear by it because it “revs up circulation, de-puffs the eye area, and improves skin elasticity—and since it promotes lymphatic drainage, it’s detoxifying.” I hadn’t even heard of jade rolling since before this summer, and it has reallyyyy changed the game!


I keep mine in the freezer so that it mega-de-puffs my eyes and face because of how cold it is. Ever hear of an ice facial to reduce puffiness? This is basically a less-painful version of that, with all the added benefits of jade and lymphatic drainage! Along with my jade roller, I always

Ice Roll

I bought my ice roller around the same time as my jade roller, for mostly the same reasons. I love this ice roller because the head of it is an icepack that you keep in your freezer. It’s a lot bigger than my jade roller, so it covers more of my face and is fun to use not only on your face, but also on your neck and any other part of your body that you want to keep firm and non-puffy.


Ice rolling and jade rolling is SO relaxing. It is not only part of my morning routine for beauty reasons, but for relaxation reasons as well! It wakes me up, but in a non-obnoxious way. It’s like a cooling summer’s night breeze that feels good and wakes up the senses!

So after my face gets woken up, de-puffed, and is nice and firm, the next thing I do is use

Oil Blotting Sheets!

I LOVE oil blotting sheets. Is anyone else obsessed with them as well? They leave such a nice matte finish and are also super cheap, so that never hurts. I buy store brand oil blotting sheets because they’re cheaper and don’t test on animals. I would have an up close picture of the ones that I use, but I got a littleeeee distracted when I was taking pictures outside… This GORGEOUS cat walked right up to me and completely took up 100% of my attention for the rest of my time outside, oops!


Look at that lil smile, she must have known that I was taking pictures for my animal-friendly blog! ❤

(Pardon the hair-do, I had an oil mask in! I don’t know what my excuse for my derpy face is though…)

Back to oil blotting sheets, there’s something about getting my face super cold, then soaking up all the leftover oil from last night’s oil application that just gets my face looking fresh and ready for the day.

So once my face has been prepped, next thing to focus on is my hair. As you may or may not already know, I don’t wash my hair that often! The first day after a shower, my ends are always super soft and my roots aren’t greasy. The longer I go, the greasier my roots get and the dryer my ends get. To fix these problems, I use dry shampoo on my roots to freshen that up, and oil and leave in conditioner on my ends to make them nice and soft. Then I use my Wet Brush ( ❤ ❤ ❤ ) to comb through my ends to distribute the oil and leave in conditioner. So let’s first talk

Dry Shampoo

I recently talked about my LOVE for Batiste dry shampoo, but I’ve recently branched out to Not Your Mother’s brand!


It is VERY different from Batiste for a number of reasons, but I still like it a lot! It gives my hair way more volume, but is almost impossible to fully rub out of my hair so my hair always looks a little duller and matte when I use this brand. Either way though, all I do in the morning is do a quick spritz of it on my roots, work it through with my hands, and try to rub the whiteness out with a washcloth. After my roots are looking super clean and fresh, I focus on my ends with some…

Hair oil and leave in conditioner!


I am REALLY into this hair oil. It does wonders for my ends and keeps my hair smelling! I use it every day so I go through a bottle pretty quickly, but it’s only like $6 so it’s no biggie to have to buy it more often than usual!

This leave in conditioner is a new addition to my hair regimen, and it is here to stay! It smells like HEAVEN and makes my hair so silky it’s insane.

So last but not least are myyyy


I don’t wear makeup to work, but I ALWAYS wear eyebrow gel because it has been a staple in my life since growing my eyebrows in! All I do is quick swipe over my brows, and then comb them up with an eyebrow brush. Easy-peasy!


Excuse my product’s ratty appearance, I use them everyday so they’re a little worn and torn!

So there ya have it, my morning routine!


What’s your morning routine like? Do you use any of the same products as me? Most importantly, is there a to-die-for product that I’m missing out on? Fill a girl in!

Have a great night everyone and talk soon! xxx






A gift from the heavens… Rite Aid brand

Hey hey!

How are you guys doing today? What’s new?

Lately I’ve been feeling really adventurous, beauty product wise, and have loved exploring the isles of my local Rite Aid. It such an amazing place to be!

As I mentioned in my guide to shaving post, Rite Aid brand doesn’t test on animals. Rite Aid brand has both their own products as well as “knock offs” of so many of those brands that do test on animals. They are made of the exact same ingredients, yet state that they are “not affiliated with ___ brand” and are way cheaper! If you ever find yourself at one of those gloriously huge Rite Aids with a million different beauty products, you usually can find a Rite Aid brand knock off for most of the products that do test on animals.


So today, I wanted to throw together a lil colab of all of my favorite Rite Aid brand products!

Facial Care


  1. Pink Grapefruit Foaming Acne Scrub. I’m sure we’ve all seen Neutrogena’s commercials for their grapefruit wash line, well here it is in all its cruelty free glory! Works like a dream ❤
  2. Pore Cleansing Strips. I. LOVE. THESE. SO. MUCH. Seriously though, these work so well! Have you guys ever used pore cleansing strips? They work amazingly, and are also reallyyyyy fun to use!
  3. Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. This makeup remover has been my GO TO for years. Have you ever used a makeup remover that doesn’t work too well and you end up rubbing some eyelashes off? Well this one works super well and also smells nice and clean!
  4. Oil Blotting Sheets. Okay who else swears by these? They’re strong enough to make your face look nice and matte, but gentle enough that you can use over your makeup. I know Clean and Clear makes a version of these, and I was always tempted to try them but didn’t want to buy them cause they’re tested on animals, so I was so happy to see these appear at Rite Aid a couple of years ago!
  5. Oil-Free Acne Wash. So this is the knock off for Neutrogena’s oil free acne wash, and man does it WORK. It worked a little too well for me though, so I had to stop using it. I got a facial this past December, and my esthetician told me that the facial cleanser I was using was way too harsh. I don’t use it any more, but if you’re someone who doesn’t have as sensitive of skin as I do, use this!!
  6. Positively Glowing Daily Moisturizer. This moisturizer is a knock off of Aveeno’s Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer, and it’s just as lovely as it sounds. (Also, doesn’t Aveeno strike you as a company that wouldn’t test on animals? I know that has nothing to actually do with whether they conduct animal testing or not, but they just seem like they’re all wholesome and organic, when in reality they are owned by Johnson & Johnson, who is known for doing a largeeee amount of animal experimentation.)

Sick Day!


  1. Daytime Severe Cold & Flu Relief Maximum Strength. Dayquill is pretty much a must for me when I have a cold and also have to go to work. Thankfully Rite Aid makes a cruelty free version! I also always get this in liquid form as opposed to liquid-gel form because the gels have gelatin in them.
  2. NightTime Cold & Flu Relief. Just like Dayquill is a necessity for me during the day, Nyquill is a definite must have at night. All the cold relief without the animal testing cruelty!
  3. Medicated Chest Rub. I SWEAR by this stuff when I’m sick. I don’t use it on my chest though, like most people do. I apply it to my nose when it’s super chapped from being blown too much! The smell helps to clear my sinuses, and the vaseline-esque jelly helps soothe my chapped skin.
  4. Maximum Strength Severe Congestion Nasal Spray. Nasal spray, oh how you are my SAVIOR. I never used nasal spray up until about 2 years ago, and now that I have, I never want to have a stuffy nose again in my life. I’ve heard this stuff isn’t the best for you, but hey, I get like 1 cold a year, my nose can handle it!

Stuff for yo body!


  1. Lavender Epsom Salt. I am a bath person, and these epsom salts are just lovely. Lavender is by far my favorite scent, so there’s really no way that a bath with these epsom salts can go wrong.
  2. Light Sesame Formula Moisturizing Body Oil. BODY OILS ARE THE BOMB. I can’t say it enough, I’m all about that oil! Plus who doesn’t like a gentle sesame fragrance?!
  3. Men’s 5 Blade Razor, 12 cartridges. As I told you guys in my shaving post, I use men’s razors. I recently decided to switch over from disposable razors to the ones where you just change the heads of them to minimize the amount of plastic that I was throwing out. 5 blades, woohoo!
  4. Petroleum Jelly. Ever since I was in 7th grade, I have been religiously applying vaseline/petroleum jelly to my eyelashes before bed every night to promote strong, healthy lashes. I’m so used to this ritual that I can’t fall asleep unless my lashes feel super moisturized! Psychotic or just concerned about long lashes…you choose.
  5. Ball of Foot Cushion. I love these foot cushions so much. They’re perfect for heels, because the ball of your foot is where all of the pressure falls when wearing heels.
  6. Cotton Swabs. The only thing I use q-tips for are for cleaning up my makeup, so these are my go-to’s! Plus, they’re rainbow!
  7. SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen Lotion. For some reason I’ve always had trouble finding sunscreen that is cruelty free, so this one is pretty much a no brainer as to why I ❤ it.
  8. Nail File . While I’m sure most nail files are not tested on animals, the brands that make them usually do! Something about the shape of the handle and the length of the file makes this nail file my FAVORITE. I have one of these in every purse, and a handful just laying around the house. I don’t like to trim my nails, I just file, and this nail file is perfect for that.



  1. Scalp Itch & Dandruff Relief. Okay this stuff is key when it comes to my hair regime. As I admitted when we talked about dry shampoo, I only wash my hair once a week! Contrary to what you would think, your scalp actually gets dryer the longer you don’t wash your hair for. Even though your hair gets oily, your scalp can get super itchy and dry from not washing your hair enough. This serum is PERFECT for people like me who don’t like to wash their hair every day, but are prone to dry scalps. It’s also great if you have psoriasis on your scalp, which is what I have! You just squeeze some out onto your scalp and feel immediate itch relief, it’s amazing.
  2. Coal Tar Shampoo. So I have psoriasis, and regular dandruff shampoos don’t work for me cause that’s not what I have. Coal tar shampoo on the other end is everything I could have ever asked for and more. I have heard that even if you have a super healthy scalp, it’s still good to use a dandruff/ psoriasis shampoo every once in a while because it sort of renews your scalp.
  3. Rosemary & Mint Sulfate-Free Color Protecting Moisturizing Shampoo. Rosemary and mint. Need I say more?


Teeth .jpg

  1. Premium Waxed Floss. As you can probably tell, I’m a little anal about the specifics of my beauty products. This is the ONLY floss I use because it doesn’t split in between your teeth mid-floss.
  2.  Alcohol Free Vivid Mint Fluoride Mouthwash. I’m a biiiiiig fan of mouth wash. I used to brush my teeth like 7 times a day (no joke, I just like a clean mouth!) until my dentist told me that my gums were receding because I was brushing too much. Oops. So now whenever I wanna brush my teeth but I’ve gone over my daily limit of 3 brushings, I use mouth wash! Spoken like a true addict…
  3. Cavity Fighter Toothbrush. I’m alllllllll about that soft toothbrush life. After being told that my gums were receding, I decided to only use soft toothbrushes for the rest of my life. Not that I was ever using the hard ones, but it’s still good to make sure you’re sticking to a nice soft one!

So there ya have it, my Rite Aid Brand go-to’s! Whoever said shopping cruelty free clearly never did their research, because it is soooo easy. Too easy. I wish it was a little harder, actually, so I could stop spending so much money on products…

What are you favorite Rite Aid brand beauty products??

Have a great night guys! 🙂



A homeopathic guide to a sassy, healthy vagina

Hey guys!

How was everyone’s weekend?

So we’re about to get real intimate, but for good reason!

First things first, this is a post for all my ladies out there! If you are a man, feel free to continue reading, but I really don’t think you’ll get tooooo much use out of today’s post. (ALSO: Dad, if you’re reading this, feel free to stop now. Thank you for always supporting me and reading my posts, but consider today your “get out of reading Meredith’s blog” day.)

Anywho! Today I wanted to talk about an issue that is very important to me, and that issue is  “feminine health.” Specifically, taking care of your vagina! Even more specifically, vegan homeopathic yeast infection remedies. 

If there is one thing you don’t know about me yet, it is that I am an expert on getting rid of yeast infections. Both homeopathic and not, I know the ins and outs of yeast infection remedies (because I have tried them ALL!)

Us women are taught to not speak about our vaginas unless it is in a sexy, clean way. NEWS FLASH PEOPLE, we all entered this world though a vagina, and it most definitely wasn’t “pretty.” But that’s literally the way of life, and as women we should not have to hide or feel the need to be secretive about any hoo-ha problems that we’re having.

Now I totally understanding wanting to be private about those sorts of things, but there is a difference between wanting to keep those things a secret, and feeling like you have to keep those things a secret.

I am a very open person, and it seriously pisses me off that a lot of women feel that they can’t talk about certain health problems because they’ll be judged or sound un-lady like. The amount of women that I know who have suffered silently for years with numerous vaginal problems is astonishing. We need to stop feeling ashamed about our bodies! Again, I’m not saying we should weave our vaginas into every single conversation we have (although that would be hilarious!) but we shouldn’t feel ashamed to talk about a problem we’re having.

Since we are the gender that has to take birth control into our own hands, a lot of health problems can arise, which can be quite inconvenient for us women.

So here’s the deal. I went on birth control pills a number of years ago. Before going on the pill, I had never had a yeast infection before and proudly had a very healthy vag. A couple of months after going on the pill, I started to get yeast infections that would go away with medication, then come right back. I went to countless gynecologists trying to find a cure for my problem, and not a single one could help me.

Until, I met my current gyno, Dawn. If you live in the New Jersey/New York area, SERIOUSLY consider seeing her. She changed. my. life. 2 of my best friends even started going to her too, and we all swear that we’ll never go to anther gynecologist in our entire lives.

That’s because she listens. All of the other gynos I was going to weren’t listening to me. All they did was prescribe me Diflucan, which is pretty much like asking for another yeast infection. Do noooooot take Difulcan. It rids you of your current infection, but then makes you way more likely to get another one. No thank you! Towards the end of my Diflucan usage, I was taking 5 at a time because they no longer did anything for me in smaller quantities, and then I would get a yeast infection 10 times worse the next week. Woohoo!

Also, Monistat. Stupid, horrible, torturous Monistat. Who here hates Monistat as much as I do? It not only didn’t work for me, but also felt like a big spider was inside my abdomen scratching around making me feel like I wanted to CLAW. IT. OUT. Dramatic, but taking Monistat literally made me feel like a mad woman because it’s such an irritating medication! Hate it.

From all the gynos that I saw, I had been told I may have diabetes, I may be allergic to semen (?!) , I may have herpes, and countless other unbelievable diagnoses (all of which proved to be false.)

So while I was dealing with these constant yeast infections, I did some research on how to get rid of them the non-conventional way, why we get them, how to keep them away for good, etc. and learned that I was getting them because of my birth control pills. BC has a lot of hormones, and these hormones throw off the balance of our bodies, causing some undesirable things to happen. I tried about 7 different forms of BC pills, yet none did the trick for me.

After trying many, many, MANY things to rid me of my yeast infections, Dawn and I decided that an IUD may just be the trick for me, and I dropped my pills once and for all. My IUD has been a GODSEND and got rid of my yeast infections asap, proving that it was the estrogen in the pill that really messed with my body.

But how did I rid myself of the countless infections I got while still on BC? With a little help from the internet and a lot of help from Dawn, I tried a lot of different remedies.

The crazy thing is, pharmaceuticals did not work for me. And sometimes, they made things worse. I don’t know if you can fully get my “vibe” through my blog, but I am not someone who lives homeopathically/organically/pure and naturally in all the aspects of my life. I am not afraid of chemicals, and never had much against OTC medicine. But, I kid you not, they really don’t stand a chance when it comes to homeopathic yeast remedies. All bodies are different, but my body responded a million times better to the homeopathic remedies I tried than it did to the pharmaceuticals I was prescribed. But that’s just me.

So, I present to you, the vegan, cruelty free, homeopathic yeast infection remedies that have worked for me/ have worked for others but not my stubborn, resistant body! HA.

Gentian violet


Gentian violet has been the SAVIOR of my 20’s. I’m serious. If there is one non-living thing that I have to thank for my happiness, I’m so serious when I say that it is gentian violet. So what is this miracle substance? Gentian violet is “an antiseptic dye that has been in use since 1890.”

So basically, this stuff is a really potent (is that the right word when describing dyes?) purple dye that has antifungal properties. It is super safe to use, so safe that you can use it in your baby’s mouth if they get a thrush infection, which is a yeast infection in the mouth. (Google “gentian violet thrush baby,” you won’t be disappointed.)

This is the one that I buy. Dawn told me to always buy a 2% solution, like this one is, so make sure to buy 2% if you are going to invest in some gentian violet!

So how do you use gentian violet for a vaginal yeast infection? It’s very simple, but can be REALLY messy if you don’t keep everything super organized and clean. I like to do this in the shower (when it’s off, not on!) So here’s the deal: first off, you need to get yourself some OB-GYN swabs. Pretty sure these are the ones I bought when I made the initial bulk purchase. Pretty funny thing to order away for and have delivered on your doorstep! So you’re gonna want to dip the swab into the gentian violet bottle until the majority of the swab is covered in the dye. Then, you apply it to your infected area. Dawn has told me that when she applies this to her patients, she only applies it to the infected area. If your yeast infection is more external, only apply it to the outside of your vag. If you have an internal yeast infection, insert the swab inside you and apply!

I actually keep my gentian violet with me wherever I go (long-term travel wise.) If I’m staying at my parents house for a few days, you better believe I have my little purple bottle of gen-vi with me. I haven’t gotten a yeast infection in probably half a year, but it’s just habit I guess. Better safe than sorry!

Boric Acid

Boric acid is another homeopathic remedy that I have tried. Boric acid did not work for me personally, but I have a friend who said it cured her of her yeast infections, so I had to include it in my list for you guys! Boric acid is an interesting one, it is actually used to kill rats which is something that I don’t particularly love… (Rats are awesome! Leave them alone!) It also is toxic if taken orally, but if inserted vaginally can rid you of yeast.

So the way I got my hands on some boric acid was through my gyno and a specific pharmacy that specialized in medication mixing. Something about the boric acid that I needed had to be mixed with something, so I had to seek out a specific pharmacy that could do that. They put it in little gel (veggie based!) capsules and those capsules are inserted vaginally 3 times daily for 2 weeks. It was supposed to rid me of my yeast infections for good, but it did no such thing. If you are dealing with constant yeast infections though, this one is def worth a try!

Coconut Oil


❤ Ah, dear coconut oil. How I love you so much. ❤

The first time I ever used coconut oil was actually to treat yeast infections! I read that it has antifungal properties, so I ran out ASAP to grab myself some. For me, it is not strong enough to rid me of an infection, but it is a lovely vaginal moisturizer if you’ve been using other harsh products, like boric acid.

Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree oil has absolutely worked for me, but the persistence of my birth control canceled out any of the progress that the tea tree oil had. Tea tree oil is strong, so if you’re going to apply it topically, I would recommend mixing it with a carrier oil, preferably coconut oil! A coconut/tea tree oil mixture is like a super remedy, and smells amazing also!

Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar is another favorite of mine. Along with (trying to!) take “shots” of it daily, I use it for so many other things as well. ACV is great for vaginal health, because it basically resets your pH and helps get rid of yeast. Whether you drink it or apply it to your vagina, it does great things for your body!

A Hair Dryer

So this one may be a little out there, but it works! Dawn once told me that many of her patients are “best friends with their hair dryer” and I know why! Yeast thrives in moist, warm environments. If you blow dry your vagina for a minute or 2 every day, the hot air can kill the yeast and also make your vag super dry, hence creating an environment that yeast does not thrive in.

There’s a warning with this one though… I think I went a little too balls to the wall with this “remedy” and burned myself! Not a blistering burn, but it was an uncomfortable situation. So don’t go crazy with your hairdryer like I did!



Probiotics are SUPER important for our bodies. They’re so good for digestion, and also keep your yeast count in check. We have yeast all throughout our bodies, but probiotics magically have a way of riding our bodies of the unwanted yeast.

The only thing to watch out with probiotics though is to make sure that your probiotic is dairy free, and in a veggie capsule. The pic I linked above is a probiotic suitable for vegans!


Garlic is great for curing infections because of its antifungal properties. Both if eaten orally or inserted vaginally, garlic can do wonders. I’ve heard of people making garlic “tampons” and inserting them, but I don’t know why but I was never too keen on the idea. Not sure why because I was game to try everything else, but not garlic.

I do LOVE roasting garlic and eating it as a spread on toasted bread tho!


Drinking lots of water can be beneficial when trying to get rid of a yeast infection. It by no means will cure you of your infection, but it’s crucial when keeping a healthy bod!

Cotton Underwear

While this isn’t a “remedy” exactly, it is a key part to keeping a healthy vagina, especially when dealing with yeast infections. Synthetic, non-breathable materials are so suffocating and creating a really bad environment for your vagina, so always stick to cotton undies. And don’t wear any at all when sleeping, give your vag a break!

Things to Avoid

Sugar is the number 1 thing to stay away from when dealing with a yeast infection. Sugar is the devil when it comes to a healthy vagina, so if you’re consuming lots and lots of sugary sweets and suffering from yeast infections, drop those sweets for a bit and see if that helps you.

Carbs are also good to stay away from for the most part. Some carbs turn into sugars during the digestive process, so carbs are also sadly a no-no when dealing with a yeast infection as well.

Beer is also a good one to steer clear of for a while, because of its high yeast content.

(Sugar, carbs, and beer are like my 3 favorite food groups, so I feel for any of you reading this and groaning to yourself that you can’t indulge.)

Avoid BC pills if possible! Like I said above, they absolutely murdered my vagina’s health, so I would recommend looking into other low-estrogen forms of birth control.

Glycerin-based lubes are a big one to avoid as well. Glycerin is very similar to sugar, which yeast thrives on. Just use coconut oil instead!

Antibiotics are also notorious for causing yeast infections, because they kill both bad and good bacteria, making your body vulnerable to other infections. I recently got my wisdom teeth out, and knew I would have to take antibiotics. The morning of my surgery, I did a gentian violet application, and the antibiotics did no such harm on my vagina. It’s a trick that I swear by and will never take antibiotics without doing!

So that about sums it up! Can you tell that I’m crazy passionate about keeping a healthy vagina, not to mention killing the stigma that women shouldn’t talk about their vaginas?!

PLEASE contact me if you are suffering from constant yeast infections. I am here for you, and would absolutely love to help!

Also, don’t be ashamed to talk about your vagina problems! We’re all human, and part of being a woman is having a vagina, which can cause problems from time to time. Own it ladies!

Have a good night ladies (and gents too if you’re still with us)! Talk soon! ❤




A vegan guide to shaving

HEY y’all!

Today while taking a shower, I realized that a lot of the products I use are pretty different than what you would expect to see in your “typical” shower. Specifically my shaving products. Half of them are different because of my vegan cruelty free lifestyle, and half of them are because I prefer to opt for natural products whenever possible. So today I am going to do a little breakdown of essential shaving products for a cruelty free/vegan life!

So, first things first, let’s discuss…


As many of you lovely educated people def already know, many razor brands test on animals! While this can be a huge bummer, there are still great razor options out there!

First off, I prefer to use men’s razors. Compared to women’s razors, they usually have more blades per razor head, they get a “closer shave,” and they last longer. Even if the men’s and women’s razors cost the exact same and are made by the same manufacturer, I have found that they usually have more blades than women’s razors. Hence, why I choose to use men’s razors.

So I’m going to share a lil treasured tip of mine that maybe you all know, or maybe I’m about to blow your mind. Rite Aid and CVS brand don’t test on animals! So you know when you’re at Rite Aid or CVS and there are all of those products that do test on animals, like Neutrogena and Clean and Clear, and then the Rite Aid/CVS “knock offs” of the products? Well those “knock offs” are cruelty free!!

I don’t have any hard concrete evidence as to why they don’t test on animals, and yet the other brands do, but here’s my guess: On all of the “knock off” products, they all say “this product can be compared to bla bla bla but is not affiliated with the brand bla bla bla.” My guess is that since they are just straight up taking the formula used to make that product to make their own, they don’t need to test on animals because the ingredients clearly are good to go for human use already. If you know any actual info on this, PLEASE fill me in because I would love to know if my theory is correct!

How great is that though? Products that are cheaper and cruelty free with the exact same formula as the name-brand products?  I’ll take it!

So my go to razor is a CVS/Rite Aid brand men’s razor. Simple enough, easy to find wherever I am, and pretty cheap too!



On to…

Shaving cream!

While I don’t use shaving cream anymore (more on that in a sec!) I used to use Pure Silk shaving cream, which is cruelty free and also super cheap. I also never had a problem finding this shaving cream in stores, so it’s convenient to find when shopping which is always a huge plus. Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 3.06.55 PM.png

I know Alba Botanica and Kiss My Face make shaving cream as well, so if you’re a shaving cream kinda gal, those are worth looking in to!


I personally don’t love shaving cream because it can be harsh on your skin and contain a crazy amount of chemicals. I always feel like my legs are super dry after I shave with shaving cream, and I really think it’s because the chemicals in the cream are drying my skin out! Not a fan of having dry skin, so I prefer to use…

Shaving oil!

My go-to shaving oil is just some good ole extra virgin olive oil. It keeps my skin SOOO smooth, and is really thick and luscious so it does its job well. Olive oil is also a natural lubricant, so you cut yourself waaaay less when using olive oil than when using shaving creams. I keep a little tupperware container of olive oil in my shower at all times and fill it up when it empties.

One thing that I love about using olive oil for shaving is that I never have the added cost of shaving cream on my Rite Aid/CVS bills! My boyfriend and I have a HUGE jug of olive oil in our kitchen that has lasted us forever and seems to be bottomless, so whenever I run out of olive oil in the shower, I refill my little tupperware and am good to go! Cheap, and works SO MUCH better than shaving cream.

So a couple years ago when I became obsessed with coconut oil (along with everyone and their mother,) I really wanted coconut oil to work as a shaving cream for me. The smell is to. die. for. and it has so many amazing health benefits when applying it to your skin. Unfortunately for me, coconut oil does not work well on my legs. No clue why, I can use it just fine on my hands and face as a moisturizer just fine, but on my legs? Something just isn’t right. I always get horrible razor burn on my legs when I shave with coconut oil, and the bumps are super painful and last for days. I am CLUELESS as to why my legs want nothing to do with coconut oil, yet my dry hands practically crave it.

ANYWAY though, I know that some people swear by coconut oil for shaving, so don’t knock it until you try it! Coconut oil also has natural antiperspirant properties to it, so if you shave your armpits with it, it’s pretty much like shaving with a super creamy and smooth deodorant. Win/win!

I have also heard that shaving with avocado oil is a real dream, but I have never had the pleasure of using it as a shaving oil. Try it out if you have it at home though!

My favorite reason to use oil as opposed to shaving cream is that it leaves your skin SO smooth after shaving. A perfect amount of oil is left behind after shaving, and you’re practically already moisturized after hopping out of the shower!

Razor burn cures!

As I mentioned above, I sometimes get bumps on my legs after shaving (especially after using coconut oil!) I swear by using Rosebud Salve to get rid of razor burn. I think it may have something to do with the moisture trapping properties of the Rosebud Salve, but it works like MAGIC.

Along with Rosebud Salve, tea tree oil is also great for making razor burn disappear. It’s also super effective for fighting pimples yet gentle enough to use on your face (I loooooove tea tree oil!)


Some people also say that coconut oil works to get rid of razor burn, which is funny because that is the cause of my razor burn. Again, def try it and don’t let me deter you from using it!

So that’s about it for my vegan guide to shaving. Did I miss anything? What are your can’t-live-without vegan shaving products?!

On another note, who’s excited for the premiere of The Bachelorette tonight?!?!?! I am SO EXCITED because I LOVE JOJO!

A little fun fact about me that you guys def didn’t know, I recently became obsessed with The Bachelor franchise! So obsessed that I watched 13 seasons of it in just one year…! While I could be ashamed of this, I am just not. We all have our awful guilty pleasures, and the bachelor is my number 1 and I chose to own this “flaw” of mine.

(Did that confession make you guys want to stop reading my blog…?)

Either way, enjoy these shaving tips and have a lovely day everyone!


Dry shampoo: one of the many loves of my life

Cue the All American Rejects because I have a dirty little secret…

I only wash my hair once a week!

(Sorry if that was super cheezy, I couldn’t help myself!)

Anywho, how do I manage to only wash my hair once a week yet keep it looking super clean and not all gross and oily? My secret is my favorite dry shampoo brand, Batiste! (Actually it’s probably not so much a secret, I feel like everyone and their mother is using dry shampoo nowadays but for now, we’ll call it my “secret”)


For anyone who doesn’t know what dry shampoo is, it’s basically a powdery-spray that you spray on your roots to soak up oil. It kinda speaks for itself, it’s a shampoo that doesn’t need water! It works SO quickly and always leaves my hair looking cleaner and fresher than the day after I shampoo it, it’s crazy!

Batiste dry shampoo is just perfect in every way. They offer a bunch of different scents, all of which smell great. It sprays on the perfect amount of dry shampoo and soaks up all the oil ASAP. It’s also not too expensive, I believe I pay like $8 at CVS for a can of it, so it’s nice to not have to empty my wallet every time I want to buy it. I wouldn’t change a thing about it!

Now let me tell you, I have tried a LOT of dry shampoos, and some of them suck. Some of them even leave your hair looking dirtier than when you first started! After trying many, many, manyyyy different types of dry shampoo, I stumbled across this one and never looked back.

When looking for a new dry shampoo, the main reason I decided to take a chance on this one is because it is cruelty free and certified vegan. It was love at first “scan” when I scanned this dry shampoo with my Cruelty-Cutter app and saw that it wasn’t tested on animals ❤ ❤ ❤


Oh, and what’s that cute mint green brush next to my dry shampoo? It’s just The Wet Brush. I used to stay away from brushes because of how damaging they can be to your hair. Before the wet brush, I think it had been like 8 years since I had actually brushed my hair with a brush. I was strictly a comb girl because brushes tend to rip out my hair like crazy.

Then one day, I was reading one of my favorite blogs (The Skinny Confidential!) and saw this brush in one of the posts. Lauryn, the owner of the blog, swears by it and says it’s super delicate on your hair, so I read a bunch of reviews which all happened to be amazing, then ordered one for myself. The bristles are soooo gentle on your hair that barely any hair gets ripped out even on your knottiest days! It’s also only like 10 bucks so it’s a total win/win.

See how clean it is?

FullSizeRender 2

That’s because it doesn’t yank out half of your hair every time you use it!

Back to the dry shampoo, though! Every since I started my washing my hair once a week/using dry shampoo ritual, my hair has gotten soooo much healthier. Specifically my ends! By the end of the week, my roots are looking cleaner than ever, and my ends have had a week of moisture from my hair’s natural oils. Since washing your hair everyday strips it of its natural oils, my hair stays soft and silky throughout the week which is so nice compared to having straw-like hair!

So sometimes, I like to deep condition my hair with coconut oil (who doesn’t!) For my hair, coconut oil can sometimes be super stubborn to get out. Sometimes, I’ll think I washed all of the coconut oil out of my hair, but as my hair is drying after my shower, I start to notice that I didn’t get all of the oil out which can end up looking like a greasy mess. Instead of re-washing my hair (which ain’t good for it!) I just use dry shampoo on the roots. This way, my ends are nice and shiny and soft all week and my roots are as clean as can be!

I never travel without my dry shampoo, because it is so imperative for my hair care routine! It’s so easy to use and leaves me with cleaner, more voluminous hair. What’s not to love! I can’t stress enough though how great this brand of dry shampoo is, and how awful some other brands can be. If you’re a dry shampoo newbie, def save yourself a load of trouble and just skip to this one!

How often do you guys wash your hair? Are you well versed in the dry shampoo world or is this all news to you? I’d love to hear about your hair-care routines, and your fav cruelty free and vegan products!

Happy Friday everyone 🙂

Face oils are a gal’s best friend

Hey guys! How’s it going today?? Today I want to share with you all a facial moisturizer that I recently tried that is absolutely changing the moisturizing game.

A couple of months ago I got a facial with my friend Alexandra (the purple-harried goddess from my “Vegan Paradise” day!) I had never gotten a facial before, and figured that I was in for a relaxing hour of mud masks and peels. What I did not know was that I would also get some of the best skincare advice of my life.

When I met the esthetician, she took one glance at my face and told me that my skin looked too dry in some areas, and too oily in others. She predicted that I was using too harsh of a cleanser that dried out some of my skin, which in return forced my skin to produce more oils, making me look greasy. She also predicted that my facial moisturizer wasn’t quite doing the trick.

She was SPOT ON. I couldn’t believe that someone could take one look at my face and predict what kind of cleanser and moisturizer I was using.

After this facial, I decided to mix up my skincare routine. I switched from my old harsh cleanser to a gentle facial wash, and it made all the difference in my skin. I also decided that I wanted to try out a different facial moisturizer as well. The one I was using at the time kind of got the job done, but wasn’t the absolute best as moisturizing and still made me look super greasy.

I decided to try Meow Meow Tweet’s Face Oil, and I like to think of that as the moment that my skin finally got what it wanted and what it deserved.


After the first time I used this oil, I already knew that I was going to be hooked. for. life. (As someone who has tried a large amount of face creams, I don’t say statements like this lightly!)

The bottle comes with a dropper that is super easy to use and drops out just the right amount of oil. I like to put a drop on my forehead, a drop on each cheek, a drop on my chin, and then lightly rub it in with my fingers until my whole face feels moisturized.

It just feels RIGHT putting this on my skin. I don’t look super greasy after using it, which is funny because it’s a literal oil. You would think that out of all the moisturizers I have used in my life, this one would make me look the greasiest, but it’s the total opposite! I don’t know how this works but I love it.


So what is in this miracle oil, you ask? Cannabis sativa (hempseed) oil, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) oil, sesamum indicum (sesame) oil, juniperus communis (juniper) essential oil, pogostemon cablin (patchouli) essential oil, vetiveria zizanoides (vetiver) essential oil, and daucus carota (carrot seed) essential oil. All certified organic which is a necessity for me when it comes to skincare.


So why use a face oil? Face oils are “lipophilic (fat loving), so they absorb into the skin’s lipid barrier easier and they keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.” Have you ever used a face moisturizer that felt so water based that it was drying out your skin instead of moisturizing it? Well you do not have to worry about that with this oil, because it does one thing, and one thing only, and that thing is MOISTURIZE!

Another thing I loveeeee about this oil is the smell. It smells so deliciously deep and earthy in the best kind of way. I once had a face cream that smelled exactly like the vitamin gumballs I used to eat as a kid (who remembers Vitaballs?!) Maybe this sounds appealing to you, but you know that really gross smell that wafts out of your multi-vitamin bottle when you open it? Yuck. Needless to say, I really wasn’t down with having my face smell like a vitamin.

One last reason why this oil is my go-to is that it is cruelty free and vegan. A product doesn’t stand a chance with me if it was tested on animals, because who wants to use a cosmetic that came at a very cruel and inhumane price? (Plus, animal testing is unreliable so it’s just safer for your skin all around to shop cruelty free!)

Maybe some of you have already tried this oil/face oils in general and I’m just preaching to the choir. If that’s the case, let me know what oils you use because I’m really feelin incorporating oils into my beauty routine as much as possible.

Have a lovely day everyone!