Hi, my name is Meredith, and I have an obsession with method cleaning products

Let’s get CLEAN.

Before I went vegan, I never really knew what cleaning products were cruelty free and which were not. I have always been against animal testing since I was a kid, so in terms of buying cleaning products, I always just stuck to Rite Aid brand.

So when I went vegan for good, I had all this energy to veganize EVERYTHING in my life. That’s when I discovered….

method cleaning products

How many of you guys have used method before? For anyone who doesn’t know the brand, they are super eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free, and also quite creative! The packaging is very mid-century chic, and the scents aren’t just old boring cleaning scents. For how adorable and eco-friendly they are, they are super cheap and can be found in most grocery stores.

Their multi-surface cleaners are the only ones I’ll use anymore. I honestly don’t even know any other brand of multi-surface cleaner (I think Clorox makes one? They test on animals tho!) but method is the only one I’ll buy!


LOOK how cute this bottle is. COME. ON. Plus, it smells heavenly!

Their dish soaps are NICE as well, and they bring up an interesting point. With all these other dish soaps that we’re using, what are these random chemicals in them that we can’t even pronounce? Not that I’m afraid of chemicals (everything is a chemical, water is a chemical!) but if I’m going to be putting a substance on the things I eat my food off of, I would prefer for it to be as safe as possible. (And also the fact that it comes in a cute lil pump doesn’t hurt!)


They have a whole body line which I’ve personally never dove into, but if you have, let a girl know how it is!

So, moving on, they make air fresheners…


THIS AIR FRESHENER IS SO FUN TO USE. I can not say that enough. I LOVE spraying this spray (yes, I am that person who will spray something to excess if the spray bottle itself is fun to use! Sue me!)

They also make both foaming and gel hand soap. Gotta love options! The driftwood scent is my favorite, it’s so deep and a little earthy. And the bottle looks soooooo cute on the bathroom sink!


Two reasons I can fully get behind method: 1. They don’t test on animals, and firmly believe in always keeping it that way and 2. their products aren’t dangerous to use around the house! You know when you get a spritz of Lysol on your skin or something and you can practically feel it tingle (not sure if that’s just in my dramatic head or if all y’all feel that…?) but this stuff is so safe to use! Plus if you have little ones around the house, both human and fur baby, it’s safe for whatever mischief they get into as well!

(BTW… say “method” 10 times fast. It actually doesn’t sound like a real word to me anymore..)


They have a pumpkin clove hand wash.

I unfortunately have never tried it, and I really got to get my hands on it before this season is over, but it was too cute both looking and smelling to not notify you guys about it!




Cute, cute, cute cute cute!

Alright, last product that I’m going to boast about like a proud parent: their laundry detergents.


Not only are their laundry pumps seriously adorable, but they’re also extremely cost-effective and make your clothes smell like heaven. Plus, it comes in a pump. I LOVE that they thought outside of the box and put laundry detergent in a pump. It makes all those other old bottles look like a drag to use (and in reality, they’re not at all, so all the more props to method!)

Do you guys seriously love method as much as I do?

Why can’t all products be as cute, vegan, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free as method? Seriously, I mean it, why isn’t everyone on the same playing field as them…?





6 thoughts on “Hi, my name is Meredith, and I have an obsession with method cleaning products

  1. CT says:

    I haven’t seen the Rebecca Atwood Method stuff …. did you find that at Target? Looks great and my detergent is just about out so I might have to make a run. Cheers – CT


  2. gymcatsmom says:

    I have used Method for quite some time. I also like Mrs. Meyer brand. I use Dr. Bronners for cleaning and use it mixed with essential oils & water in a foaming soap dispenser. Best part, it’s eco/animal friendly and i can all kinds of different scents with the oils. I also like to make my own cleaning solutions with vinegar/water/essential oils….I am a huge essential oil person. I checked and double checked with doTerra oils and they said they do not test on animals. We have already switched to eco/animal friendly bath soaps, lotions, body wash and dish detergent. After reading your post, I decided to look into switching out my laundry detergent and fabric softener..I used to use wool balls with essential oils on them as dryer sheets, but now that I am vegan, the wool totally had to go. Anyway, I had to look for something that was also somewhat economical because, being a family of 4 and having a son who races motocross and being a family that likes to work outside and get dirty, I do a decent amount of laundry. Unfortunately, most of the eco friendly stuff is so expensive…just like everything else, if it’s good for your body (food) or good for the environment, it usually has a higher price 😦 trash for your body and trash for the environment, then it’s cheaper. such an ignorant way of thought…ok rant over. anyway, i started using ECOS laundry detergent and the mrs meyers fabric softener and dryer sheets. I also like using this stuff because I have a lot of cats, a dog and a rabbit that like to snuggle on us and on all our blankets, so I do not want them exposed to the nasty chemicals in fabric softener/dryer sheets. so far, I have been really happy with the ECOS detergent and new fabric softener. I am going to try different brands or eco friendly/animal friendly fabric softener, but for the price, ECOS is the most economical.


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