How do you feel about the Burlington pig truck crash?

The past few days, the details of the Burlington truck crash have been playing over and over in my head. I am so sickened by everything I have heard regarding the tragedy. 

I shared One Green Planet’s post on the crash from the Sanctuary I work for’s social media, and after reading all about the incident and posting on it, I had to go outside and see the pigs. I feel lucky to regularly see such gorgeous beings. They are beautiful, and it baffles me to no end that people eat them. 

People eat other living beings. 

When it’s not even necessary.

These pigs were offered Sanctuary, yet officials thought it would still be better to kill them. I am sickened by this world. How can we do this to living beings, day in and day out? I know the world is changing and many more people are vegan than they ever were before, but enough is enough. I always try to be so positive about the animal exploitation in this world, in the sense where yes it’s awful but things are very slowly changing, but come on. I am fed up and disgusted. If this were a bus of children, it would be an absolute tragedy. Yet, because it’s living beings that we have conditioned ourselves to view as bacon and not as an individual, they are treated more as misplace cargo than as sentient beings.

Pardon myself if I sound angry, but quite honestly I am. Why is it 2016 and we’re still continuing to eat animals? Why?

The best way to stop this cruelty is to speak up. Let’s start talking more about the exploitation of animals and farmed animals more specifically. I no longer sympathize with the person who loves dogs so much and hates breeders, yet includes meat in every meal. Educate yourself on why we should leave all animals off of our plate, not just companion animals.

Where is our compassion? 



4 thoughts on “How do you feel about the Burlington pig truck crash?

  1. veg4life says:

    There is absolutely no excuse to justify the actions of Fearmans. They are cruel, cold-hearted and full of ignorance. I feel they should’ve spared at least a few victims–all I feel is disgust for the lives taken, business as usual. I also agree, I just don’t get how so many civilized people continue to eat animals in this day and age after this abomination — and all of the undercover investigations that have came to light over the years. I’m sure many have dogs and cats or both at home and yet they are two-faced in their actions to protect one while supporting the demise of the other. Yes I was once like this too but one day my eyes were opened and I knew what I was doing was not right. What will it take for others to come around?


  2. CT says:

    I always wonder about how people can knowingly look away from the suffering of others (animals) in order to be able to keep enjoying bacon cheeseburgers. Such a shame. I always make a point to tell people I see no difference between eating a dog and eating a pig. If you’re going to have that bacon, might as well have a dog loin as well. Apart from the shock factor, I don’t think my words have had any impact on anyone besides my spouse yet. I’m glad I found your blog. Keep up the good work. Cheers – CT

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