To all the meat eaters out there: I get you

To all the meat eaters out there, I get that you think meat tastes good.

I used to be a huge meat eater myself, and one who would proudly state that I was a carnivore (yes, I was that uneducated asshole, but I was only 11 so give me a break! 😉 ) I used to say that I would never stop eating meat, and then one day I did the proper research on my own and realized that maybe it was time to change my beliefs, even though my family was pretty against me giving up animal products at first, and almost all of my friends didn’t understand why I was doing it. (Again, we were kids.)

To all the meat eaters out there, I get that you think it’s going to be really hard to go vegan, and that it will alienate you from the rest of your friends.

Maybe they won’t understand for a little bit, but as long as you come from a kind and polite place and explain why leaving animal exploitation out of your diet is the lifestyle for you, chances are they’ll understand. And if they don’t, do you really want someone in your life who is bothered by your diet and wants to control what you eat? Especially when your diet has been scientifically proven to be healthier in thousands of ways, not to mention good for the environment, and obviously optimal for the animals.

To all the meat eaters out there, I get that you think animal agriculture is sad, but that it’s going to go on whether we stop supporting it or not.

I used to feel very helpless about this. I used to watch videos on my family’s first computer and cry my eyes out because I couldn’t stand to watch animals be hurt in the ways that we hurt them. What made me even more sad was that I felt like there was absolutely nothing I could do to help.

I wish I could go back and tell my 12 year old self that there is something each and every one of us can do to help, no matter how young we are, or what background we come from, or what our gender is, or what our cultural background is.

If nobody stood up for what they believed in, especially when what we’re standing up for isn’t exactly the most accepted opinion at that time, then what kind of a world would we currently live in? Exploitation goes on in so many different forms, and it’s our responsibility to stop it. Especially when it comes to animals, because they do not have voices of their own.

If something is so horrible that we can stand to even be looking at it, we shouldn’t be tolerating it.

To all the meat eaters out there, I get that you think your diet will consist of only salads.

If there is one thing I can promise you though, it is that your diet will almost certainly blossom into the most diverse plethora of foods you could ever imagine . I know SO many vegans who were minimalist eaters when they ate meat, and then after going vegan and exploring new options, are now these worldly eaters who will try (and love!) anything. (I am one of them!)

Maybe it’s because I gave up meat at a young age and didn’t really have a chance to branch out yet, but the foods that I used to eat compared to the foods I eat now aren’t even on the same playing field.

My dad always tells me “Meredith, if you want someone to go vegan, all you have to do is cook for them,” and while not to toot my own chef-horn, he is right. He is right about any of us! I always love to show people who eat meat that I don’t eat just salads, (I actually hate salads so none of that is in my diet!) and that my diet is JAM PACKED with the most delicious foods.

To all the meat eaters out there, I get that you think you won’t get enough protein.

BUT YOU WILL! My boyfriend Jon and I always have this joke that as vegans, we get too much protein. It’s true though, protein has NEVER been an issue. Ever.

So I am someone who needs to be eating every few hours in order to feel like my healthy, functioning self. I’m a very hungry girl, and I like my food to be hearty and filling. Green smoothies and raw veggies for every meal? Noooo thank you. The reason Jon and I think it’s hilarious that non-vegans think we get no protein is because ALL we eat is protein. (I eat my veggies too, don’t worry mom!) What’s in my diet that is also jam-packed with protein? Quinoa, pecans, dark leafy greens, tempeh, seitan, tofu, dark chocolate, beans, chia seeds, edamame, almonds, broccoli, chickpeas, peanut butter, the list literally goes on and on. Not to mention all of the delicious meat replacement products that I adore that are literally packed to the brim with protein!

To all the meat eaters out there, I get that you think  you will never eat a fun, delicious meal again.

I really do get it, considering the fact that typing in “vegan sources of protein” on google gives you some of the most boring looking recipes known to man. When I ate meat as a kid, I never ate plain, unseasoned chicken, so why would I do that with my tofu, tempeh, and seitan? The vegan diet is the lesser known compared to the American omnivore diet, so of course there aren’t as many recipes out there. And I hesitate to say that, because there are BILLIONS of vegan recipes out there. The internet is a crazy place, kids 😉 . And like recipes that contain meat, some can be real stinkers. It’s all relative, and you adapt to it and learn the ins and outs just like we adapted to an omnivorous diet as babies.

To all the meat eaters out there, I get that you want to live in blissful ignorance.

I really, really do. When I had first learned all of the devastating information about animal agriculture, I so badly wanted to turn a blind eye and forget what I had seen, what I had read, what I had heard. But I couldn’t, and you shouldn’t either. As consumers, it is our responsibility to know this stuff. Whether it’s hard to stomach or not, we need to know the facts. Stating “I didn’t know!” isn’t a good enough reason for why we are blindly supporting and giving money to cruelty, every day of our lives. That reason just doesn’t cut it. Especially in this day and age, almost all of us have access to the internet. Get on the internet and educate yourself, learn about what you personally are contributing to and learn about the mark you are making. And I don’t just mean in terms of animal agriculture, I mean in all aspects of our lives. There is no excuse to be uneducated.

So to all the meat eaters out there, get out there and at least learn about the millions of benefits of veganism and try to understand why so many people are currently vowing to never consume animal products again.

Because what’s the worst thing that could happen? You may just change your mind on a few things and in the process of it all, help make the world a little bit more of a better place.

I love all of you, goodnight ❤



12 thoughts on “To all the meat eaters out there: I get you

  1. cindyschnackel says:

    Yes, also wish I could also go back in time to childhood and plant the idea of being vegan. I didn’t even know it was a possibility until I was in my twenties. Then, years of only hearing myths and discouragement kept me eating meat, etc. Culture is a very powerful thing. Even people who think of themselves as ‘rebellious’ and independent thinkers still eat meat after seeing videos showing cruel farming practices. Then one day, for some, it finally sinks in. Now, there’s no going back. Not only do I see those atrocities from undercover videos when I see animal products, but also see the truth behind the industry hype about so-called free range, small farm, etc, just feel good labeling tactics, with little meaning and no real enforcement anyway. The USDA dot gov site has info about recalls, humane handling reports, etc. The industry is rotten with cruelty, lack of sanitation, and lies, and it appears only a fraction are ever caught. Fines mean almost nothing, it’s like us getting a parking ticket. Only way to end it is stop buying it.

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  2. healthy4singles says:

    Thanks for sharing. I get where ur coming from..I share the same thought process and am aware of the cruelty that goes around. I go back and forth with me, if I were to put a number on it I’m 85%vegetarian. Despite what I know, my body craves meat sometimes. When that happens, I listen and I resort to grassed fed or organic meats, primarily wild caught fish…


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