Step aside, there’s a new hair oil on the block

I feel like I’ve been talking up a storm on the subject of hair oil lately, so it would only make sense for me to update you guys on my newest hair oil obsession!

I present to you…

VO5’s Shine, Glow & Go Beauty Oil


First things first, it’s technically not just a hair oil, it’s a body oil too! So I bought this oil when I was browsing the beauty aisle of my local Rite Aid, and saw how cheap it was. It was like 4 bucks! I bought it instantly after seeing the price, and decided to give it a go.

At first I was confused how to use it. I would spray it liberally to my damp hair afer a shower, and it made my hair SO oily. It looked like my ends were still soaked. I was baffled as to how to use this product, and quite frankly, I was ready to deem it a “bad hair oil.” But this hair oil was just misunderstood, not a “bad hair oil,” and I now understand its ways and cannottttt live without it.

Alright, so here’s the down low: This oil has some GREAT ingredients in it. Some of the ingredients include: sunflower seed oil, burity seed oil, honeysuckle flower extract, macadamia seed oil, argan oil, shea butter, coconut oil, grape seed oil, and biotin. And the biggest perk of the ingredients in this oil? NO ALCOHOL!


With my other hair oil  that I recently talked about, it sometimes felt like my ends were constantly drinking it up yet not getting nearly enough hydration, and that’s because my old hair oil has alcohol in it. So no matter how much oil I sprayed, there was still a hefty amount of drying alcohol that came with it. This Vo5 oil has no alcohol in it, so the reason it was making my hair SO greasy is because I was applying the same amount that I would with my old hair oil, yet there was no alcohol to neutral out the excessive amounts of oil.

You barely need to use any of this oil for it to hydrate your ends, so basically this bottle lasts FOREVER. And it’s already cheap to begin with, such a win/win!

Also, let me just mention that this product is (obviously) cruelty free! Gotta LOVE a product that doesn’t come at the price of animal testing!

It also smells like heaven, so that’s another major plus!

So as I mentioned above, I now understand the ways of this oil and I want to share them with you guys! First off, I never spray it directly onto my hair, event when it’s wet. I always spray 2 spritzes into my palm, rub my hands together, and then work it through only the ends of my hair. Also, every night before bed on the nights that I don’t wash my hair, I spritz one spray into my hands, and work that through my ends so they stay nice and hydrated. By morning, all of the oil has nicely worked its way through my hair without looking greasy!

Sometimes I even use this oil as a hair mask, and a little goes a long way! I only use about 10 spritzes and then brush it all through my hair. It leaves my hair SO silky after I wash it!

You can use this oil on your skin too, which I think is SO cool. I have used it on my legs after I shaved, and it left them SO SOFT. I feel like there’s a loooooot of things you can do with this oil if you get a little crafty!

So go out and get this oil ASAP cause it’s cheap as hell, cruelty free, lasts forever cause you barely need to use any, and does such a good job at hydrating dry ends!!

Goodnight everyone ❤


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