Let’s hear it for… GRAPE SALSA

Last summer in Cape Cod, my boyfriend Jon and I went out to eat at a cute little restaurant by the bay. Little did we know, this dinner would CHANGE OUR LIVES.

Okay, maybe not soo dramatic, but we discovered a pretty fantastic and life changing thing! That thing?

Grape salsa!


Never had I ever heard of such a thing as grape salsa before this dinner, and we were both very intrigued. It ended up being SPECTACULAR, so we asked the waitress what was in the salsa and she told us the chef’s recipe. Ever since, we’ve been making our own version of this salsa and after eating a whole batch of it recently, I realized I had to share it with y’all!

2 C whole grapes
1/2 C minced cilantro
1/4 C diced jalepeños
2 TB apple juice
1 tsp lime juice

So this is an eaaaaasy peasy recipe, let’s start with the grapes. Cut your grapes into four pieces, I do them into quarters but you can honestly cut your grapes however you’d like! Add your minced cilantro, diced jalepeños , apple juice, and lime juice to your cut grapes, and mix. And then you’re done!


One thing I love about this salsa is that it’s sweet, and compliments a nice salty tortilla chip so well.

In my photos, I only used green grapes (that’s because it would have cost me $7.50 to buy a bag of red grapes. $7.50!!!! And they weren’t even organic…!) so I settled for just green instead. In the past, I’ve made this with both red and green grapes, and it not only looks pretty but tastes DELISH.


I wonder what this recipe would be like with cotton candy grapes? Speaking of, have any of you ever heard of cotton candy grapes? I hadn’t until last summer and now they’re pretty much all I think about. They’re to. die. for. I kinda feel like they came outa nowhere and came in HOT cause first I had never even heard of them, and then next thing ya know they were all over!

Once when I made this salsa, I was dealing with some really tiny grapes, so I only cut them in half once. I’m curious to see other ways that the grapes can be cut though, I’m sure some of you could get really crafty with it!


This salsa has been a big success when bringing it to BBQ’s and other summer-y events. It travels well and is just as delish, if not better, the next day. Plus it’s SO easy to make on a whim, yet is pretty different and a convo starter. I once brought grape salsa and cauliflower wings to a BBQ and they were quite the dynamic duo to bring to a non-vegan BBQ, because they’re both SO YUM and showed the non-vegans that vegans eat delicious food too!


What would you add to this salsa recipe? I’m very curious to see if there’s anything that y’all think could spice it up a bit!

Enjoy the salsa! xo


7 thoughts on “Let’s hear it for… GRAPE SALSA

  1. Lori says:

    I had the cotton candy grapes before and they were so good I ate half the bag outside the grocery store LOL. I remember them being really expensive, though, so I never did it again.

    I wonder why red grapes are so expensive at your grocery store?


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