Kylie Jenner’s Ramen Recipe…VEGANIZED!

So who here follows Kylie Jenner on Snapchat?

I’m sure we all have our personal reasons for following her, I for one enjoy seeing what color hair she has at any current moment. So she recently snapped a picture of what she puts in her ramen noodles, and her post got me thinking.


I am a ramen LOVER. LOVE LOVE LOVE those curly noodles that stick together no matter how many veggies you try to stir in with them. I know they have no nutritional value, but I don’t care, I love em.

Fun fact about me, I’ve actually never added the included spice packet to my ramen! I love using the noodles as a base for spicy peanut noodles, stir frys, and other Asian noodle dishes, but that spice packet is so not appealing to me. Too much sodium! But if it’s your thing and you enjoy a good spice packet addition, then whatever floats your boat!

So vegan wise, ramen can be tricky because of the spice packet. Obviously, the chicken, the beef, etc., are not vegan, but what about the oriental flavor?

Nissin Top Ramen oriental flavor is vegan (woot woot!) but I gotta warn you! Maruchan, the other very well-known ramen brand’s oriental flavor contains “beef extract!” Whatever beef extract even is, I will never know/want to know, but how not cool! So stick to Nissin brand if you want to be cruelty free, and don’t be fooled by Maruchan.

So back to Kylie’s “inspirational” and “life changing” snapchat. I got to thinking how I LOVE ramen noodles, and equally LOVE buttery garlicy noodles, and ALSO equally love Follow Your Heart’s VeganEgg. So what’s not to love about Kylie’s ramen recipe?


I gave her recipe a go, vegan style, and guys… I’m HOOKED! It’s only been a week and I think I’ve made this dish 5 times now? Not the healthiest cause of the whole no fresh veggies thing and all, but I don’t care cause it’s ALL I want to eat!

So obviously I had to share this recipe with you guys, because I NEED to share the quick, easy, and cheap dish that has seriously changed my life/past week.

Kylie Jenner’s Ramen Recipe, Veganized!

Ramen Ingredients
1 pack oriental Nissin Top Ramen
1 TB melted vegan butter
1/4-1/2 tsp garlic powder, depending on how garlicy you like it
1/4 tsp red pepper flakes

VeganEgg Ingredients
2 TBS VeganEgg powder
1/2 C ice cold water
1/4 tsp garlic powder
Pepper to taste
Vegan butter for pan

Alright, so let’s start with the noodles. Boil some water as you usually would, and cook the noodles for about 3 minutes, or until they are as tender as you like them. Strain the noodles, and pour (is pour the right word? Feels weird to say “pour the noodles”…) into a bowl. Drizzle melted butter over the noodles, and sprinkle the garlic powder and red pepper flakes over them as well. Stir to incorporate all the buttery-garlics-spicy goodness!

Now it’s time for the VeganEgg! Melt vegan butter in a pan over medium-high heat.  Whisk your 2 TB VeganEgg powder with 1/2 C ice cold water, and pour into pan when you think the pan is good and hot. The VeganEgg should sizzle when it hits the pan, so don’t do it tooooo early. Sprinkle the garlic powder and pepper over the freshly poured VeganEgg, and SCRAMBLE! They say you should cook the VeganEgg for about 8 minutes, but I like to do it a little quicker. My method is to do a quick high-heat cook so the outside gets super crispy, and the inside is still a little creamy. Either way, cook for however long you’d prefer.

Once the VeganEgg is done cooking, stir into your already prepared noodles and there ya go! You have yourself an A+ din.


I LOVE buttery garlicy noodles. YUM. Nothing better. Seriously, are you guys as big of a fan of butter and garlic together as I am?

ALSO. Just to throw this out there, from the looks of her picture, I’m pretty sure Kylie makes hers into a soup. I like mine to be more stir-fry-y, but I’m sure it would be just as good with some added veggie broth!

Ramen has a weird way of being sticky and kinda creamy on its own, do you get me on that? So the added butter makes them luscious. Jeez I’m like drooling over here talking about these noodles…

I LOVE the addition of the VeganEgg too, for a few reasons. Reason 1 is that I think the VeganEgg is freaking DELICIOUS (not to mention brilliant!) Another reason is that I love anything that replaces the cruelty of the egg industry with a cruelty free alternative. Such a win/win!

Additionally, this meal is one of the cheapest things you could make so that’s always a huge bonus for those of us on a budget!

You can add whatever you like to it also! When I made this for my boyfriend Jon, he asked me to add sesame oil to the VeganEgg. You can add fresh veggies (scallions perhaps?!) different spices, different oils, whatever tickles your fancy!

Try this bad boy out and lemme know what you think! As always, I’m always open to many, many suggestions.

Gonna go fall asleep and dream about this ramen, goodnight y’all!



5 thoughts on “Kylie Jenner’s Ramen Recipe…VEGANIZED!

  1. Healthy and Psyched says:

    Hi 🙂

    Do you have any other tips for using vegan egg (I got make sure the pan is hot and don’t scramble too early from your post). Mine always seems to be a weird texture.



    • Meredith Liguori says:

      Hey! I do actually! Like you said, definitely make sure that the pan is HOT. Like the butter or oil that you put in the pan before hand should sizzle. Also, this is a huge one as well, make sure the water is ICE cold. I used to just use coldish water and my VeganEgg always came out kind of runny also. Then one day, I forgot I had put my 1/2 cup of water in the freezer, and it was super chilly. When I mixed it with the VeganEgg powder, it instantly got sooo thick, way thicker than it ever was when I was just using cold water. And my last tip is to use a littleee less than 1/2 cup per egg. The less water you use, the less runny it is. So if I’m making it when I’m crunched for time and my water isn’t as cold as I want it to be, I use a little less than 1/2 of a cup to make up for the water’s temperature. Hope this helps! 🙂

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