“You don’t LOOK like a vegan!”

Hey everyone!! Happy Monday!

So last Friday night I was out with my friend Bianca, and had a semi-strange encounter with someone that I wanted to share with you guys for a few reasons. One reason is that I think what happened was pretty funny, but another is because I want to see if this has ever happened to any of you before…


Bianca and I were at a bar chatting with some people, and I mentioned how earlier that day, a goat had made his way into my office. (Pictured below!)

IMG_0099 2.JPG

(The photo is a little blurry cause he was on the prowl! Trying to eat paper bags and such, so I could only snap a quick one of him!)

After I mentioned that this sweet goat made an appearance in my office, everyone asked where exactly it was that I worked, and I told them the whole spiel and that I worked at an animal sanctuary.

Okay, so next part of the story…

A few hours later on in the night, a guy who was in this initial group of people who I told about my goat pal, we’ll call him “Bar Guy 1,” asked me how exactly I got to work at an animal sanctuary. I explained to him that my last 3 jobs have been in animal rights/for vegan organizations/companies, and that it’s the only movement/field I want to work in.

Okay, so he knows that I work for an animal sanctuary that rescues farm animals, and that I have worked in the animal rights field before and that it’s the only area I want to work in for the rest of my life. Wouldn’t you at least be a little clued into the fact that I’m vegan? Even if not so, open to the idea that I could be vegan?

So a little bit later, my blog got mentioned. He asked the name of my blog, so I (obviously) replied “Conveniently Vegan!”

So here’s the kicker.

The look on his face after I told him my blog’s name was pure shock. He then said to me, “Oh, you’re a VEGAN?!” like I had just told him that I was a murderer or something.

So when people say this to me, it’s so easy to get defensive, but I prefer to view this as a lil educational opportunity! (Plus, it usually is pretty funny!) One of my favorite things to say to someone is to casually mention that I’m vegan, because it shows them that most vegans aren’t super IN YOUR FACE about the lifestyle, like the stereotype paints us as. So after I explained super nonchalantly that I am, in fact, vegan, and that since I want to devote my life to the animal rights movement, I don’t contribute to the injustices I’m against, he said one of my FAVORITE things anyone can say to me.

“You don’t LOOK like a vegan!”

First off, what exactly does a vegan look like?

I couldn’t tell ya, cause all of the folks that I know who live a vegan lifestyle look so different! Second off, this always comes as a bit of a shock to me. It’s a shock because as bad as the world is, it still genuinely surprises me that some people literally have no clue what a vegan diet is or that it is actually possible to be vegan.

And that’s not their fault in the least bit!

They just don’t know! And it’s our job to politely inform people and show them that it’s soooo easy, heathy, fun, all that good stuff, to be vegan.

So when I meet someone who has never encountered a person who lives a vegan lifestyle before, I love to do a little bit of “research.” I asked Bar Guy 1, “Did you think I’d be pushy and all in your face?” and he very quickly replied, “Yes!”

And that was the golden ticket.

That’s when I really lay on the cool girl attitude just to reallyyyyy show people that you can be vegan and not contribute to the typical stereotypes that everyone seems to have in their head.

Bar Guy 1 actually ended up being quite lovely and even referred to my lifestyle as “compassionate,” all on his own too, I must add. He seemed to really get the gist of it, and that’s sometimes all I can ask for.

So this post is NOT meant to be mean or to make fun of this Bar Guy 1. He was very lovely and receptive about a vegan lifestyle, though we didn’t talk about it much cause I don’t particularly love preaching to strangers at bars about why they should be vegan. I just wanted to share this with you guys to see if it’s ever happened to you before, people being shocked that you’re vegan and all!

As crazy/funny as I find these instances, they happen less and less to me as the years go on! (LOL I just sounded SO old.) Of course we are going to encounter people who have never even heard of what the word vegan means, but there are SO many people who understand that the lifestyle is super accommodating and easy to follow, even if they themselves are not vegan.

HOW COOL is it that people are getting to know more and more that vegan simply means compassionate?

So I wanna hear your stories about when someone told you that you didn’t “look like a vegan,” cause those stories can sometimes, quite frankly, be the best.

Now let’s just hope Bar Guy 1 didn’t miraculously remember the name of my blog and is reading this as we speak 😉

In the rare event that this is happening, hi Bar Guy 1!

Goodnight all you lovely bunnies ❤ xo


14 thoughts on ““You don’t LOOK like a vegan!”

  1. gymcatsmom says:

    My son and I both get that quite a lot. I’m a former power lifter and he is a motocross racer. Most people assume we’re packing away chicken breasts like crazy after our workouts. People totally flip out in disbelief when we tell them we don’t eat any animals or animal products. But we are proof that you can be strong and fit and be vegan. As a side note, my son just took 2nd at an amateur motocross national this weekend, which included 3 days of gnarly racing. so rock on all you vegans, we are strong!


  2. thejuicenut says:

    I got the exasperated ‘what *do* vegans eat?’ question the other night when I was trying to find some food that wasn’t meat pie, barbequed chicken/sausage/burger and was finally offered some prawn crackers!!


  3. The Shared Skillet says:

    I can’t say I’ve had the “You don’t LOOK vegan” comment but I have had others, most are just “Oh…” and they don’t know what to say lol. But the most recent was when my friend, who started weight lifting again, was telling me about a vegan weightlifter he just found and he was amazed because “it’s hard for vegans to build muscle because of not eating complete proteins”. So we talked for a few minutes about it and then I showed him a few other vegan weight lifters he can follow. I’m just glad I’ve started have more conversations where people will listen or feel free to ask.


    • Meredith Liguori says:

      That’s so great that you opened your friend’s eyes to vegan weight lifters!! That’s really wonderful of you. And I love it when people say that vegans have a hard time getting their protein, because my boyfriend and I have this joke that as vegans, we get waaaaay more protein than we ever did on any other diet! Haha

      Liked by 1 person

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