Easy breezy 2-ingredient homemade hair mask

Hello everyone!

How has this week been treatin’ ya? Do anything new and exciting?!

So how many of y’all do frequent hair treatments? I’m someone who prefers to always use deep conditioner as opposed to regular, has a few spritzes of hair oil in my hair at all times, and takes biotin vitamins like it’s my job. Soooooo it should be no surprise that my new beauty obsession is currently my

2-ingredient homemade hair oil mask!

I’m definitely not breaking ground with this hair mask because it’s quite simple, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is AMAZING for your hair.

It’s super simple and easy to make, and I would pretty much bet each and every one of you money that you already have these ingredients in your house! Plus, making your own masks and such guarantees that they’re cruelty free, which is always the biggest check plus in my book!


(Yes I know this looks like a jar of pee, get your minds out of toilet people!)

So the two main ingredients are:

2 parts coconut oil
1 part olive oil

And some optional added “flare” that I sometimes like to throw in:
3-5 vitamin E capsules

So the base of this mask is just 2 parts coconut oil and 1 part olive oil, so 2/3 C coconut oil and 1/3 C olive oil is an example of the measurements you can do. The vitamin E capsules are just a little “added flare,” but they’re SO great! Sometimes I use them, and sometimes I don’t, so it’s up to you!

(I’m sure you all know this, but you have to poke a pin through the capsule to get the liquid out, don’t just add the capsules to the other oils. Just an FYI!)

Vitamin E is so good for repairing your skin and hair. When I was a kid and would have a bad sunburn, my mom would always put vitamin E on my burn and it would go away SO fast.

In terms of applying this mask, I apply it to my dry hair with my hands, comb it through, and you’re good to go! I like to leave it on for as long as I possibly can, so honestly there is noooo time limit on this bad boy. You can also apply as much or as little as you want. Sometimes I just want to hydrate my hair a little, other times I literally pour it all over my head and hair until my hair is actually dripping with it. When I choose the latter dousing method, putting my hair up in a bun while I leave the mask in is necessary, or else it would be messyyyyy!

Then, shampoo and condition as you usually would do and enjoy your new silky locks!

One of the many things I love about this mask is that after you shampoo it out, there is no reside or oil left behind. As penetrating as it is, once you shampoo, it is out of your hair. Which I prefer because I hate doing a hair mask, and then the next day having it be soooo obvious that I deep conditioned the night before because my hair still looks like it’s soaking wet.  Happened a few times in high school when I was going through an “experimental” hair phase….


It’s liquified in these photos because it’s a fresh batch that I had just made before taking the photos, but when I store it in the fridge it solidifies because of the coconut oil. I like to keep some of this in a glass jar in the refrigerator at all times so that I can throw the whole jar (lid excluded) in the microwave when it’s time for me to use it, that way it’s all always in one container as opposed to a plastic container that can’t go in the microwave.

Plus, heating up the oil is always GREAT because hot oil treatments are soooo penetrating and good for your hair!

Added bonus: Throw on a shower cap over this mask for good measure, it keeps the heat in and makes your hair absorb even MORE of the benefits these oils have to offer.

Do you have any oils that you swear by for hair care that you think would be a great addition to this recipe? Any “added flare” that you think could really spice up this simple recipe and make it all the more fab? Let me know and let’s collab to make a mega mask!

Enjoy your night everyone! xo



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