My simple sassy vegan beauty morning routine

Helloooooo everyone! How’s Thursday treating you today?

Today’s topic is something that I’m sure we all have a lot to say about, because it’s something that we all do! That thing that we all do? Get ourselves ready in the morning! Whether you’re a throw your hair up in a pony and go kinda gal, or a spend over 2 hours on hair and makeup, we all have a morning routine that we stick to.


Since starting my new job at Catskill Animal Sanctuary, I have developed a quick and easy morning routine that I really want to share/compare and contrast with you guys! While I do consider myself to be a morning person, I do not love getting all dolled up at 8:00 in the morning. I like to wake up niiiiice and slow, so putting on multiple coats of mascara and contouring my face just isn’t on the itinerary.

I do not, though, want to show up to work looking like a complete mess, so I’ve got a few quick and easy cruelty free and vegan beauty steps that I take.


So let’s start with my new favorite,

Jade Rolling!

I bought this jade roller at the beginning of the summer after doing a little research on why we should all jade roll our faces every day. Jade rolling is basically just rolling jade across your face, and people swear by it because it “revs up circulation, de-puffs the eye area, and improves skin elasticity—and since it promotes lymphatic drainage, it’s detoxifying.” I hadn’t even heard of jade rolling since before this summer, and it has reallyyyy changed the game!


I keep mine in the freezer so that it mega-de-puffs my eyes and face because of how cold it is. Ever hear of an ice facial to reduce puffiness? This is basically a less-painful version of that, with all the added benefits of jade and lymphatic drainage! Along with my jade roller, I always

Ice Roll

I bought my ice roller around the same time as my jade roller, for mostly the same reasons. I love this ice roller because the head of it is an icepack that you keep in your freezer. It’s a lot bigger than my jade roller, so it covers more of my face and is fun to use not only on your face, but also on your neck and any other part of your body that you want to keep firm and non-puffy.


Ice rolling and jade rolling is SO relaxing. It is not only part of my morning routine for beauty reasons, but for relaxation reasons as well! It wakes me up, but in a non-obnoxious way. It’s like a cooling summer’s night breeze that feels good and wakes up the senses!

So after my face gets woken up, de-puffed, and is nice and firm, the next thing I do is use

Oil Blotting Sheets!

I LOVE oil blotting sheets. Is anyone else obsessed with them as well? They leave such a nice matte finish and are also super cheap, so that never hurts. I buy store brand oil blotting sheets because they’re cheaper and don’t test on animals. I would have an up close picture of the ones that I use, but I got a littleeeee distracted when I was taking pictures outside… This GORGEOUS cat walked right up to me and completely took up 100% of my attention for the rest of my time outside, oops!


Look at that lil smile, she must have known that I was taking pictures for my animal-friendly blog! ❤

(Pardon the hair-do, I had an oil mask in! I don’t know what my excuse for my derpy face is though…)

Back to oil blotting sheets, there’s something about getting my face super cold, then soaking up all the leftover oil from last night’s oil application that just gets my face looking fresh and ready for the day.

So once my face has been prepped, next thing to focus on is my hair. As you may or may not already know, I don’t wash my hair that often! The first day after a shower, my ends are always super soft and my roots aren’t greasy. The longer I go, the greasier my roots get and the dryer my ends get. To fix these problems, I use dry shampoo on my roots to freshen that up, and oil and leave in conditioner on my ends to make them nice and soft. Then I use my Wet Brush ( ❤ ❤ ❤ ) to comb through my ends to distribute the oil and leave in conditioner. So let’s first talk

Dry Shampoo

I recently talked about my LOVE for Batiste dry shampoo, but I’ve recently branched out to Not Your Mother’s brand!


It is VERY different from Batiste for a number of reasons, but I still like it a lot! It gives my hair way more volume, but is almost impossible to fully rub out of my hair so my hair always looks a little duller and matte when I use this brand. Either way though, all I do in the morning is do a quick spritz of it on my roots, work it through with my hands, and try to rub the whiteness out with a washcloth. After my roots are looking super clean and fresh, I focus on my ends with some…

Hair oil and leave in conditioner!


I am REALLY into this hair oil. It does wonders for my ends and keeps my hair smelling! I use it every day so I go through a bottle pretty quickly, but it’s only like $6 so it’s no biggie to have to buy it more often than usual!

This leave in conditioner is a new addition to my hair regimen, and it is here to stay! It smells like HEAVEN and makes my hair so silky it’s insane.

So last but not least are myyyy


I don’t wear makeup to work, but I ALWAYS wear eyebrow gel because it has been a staple in my life since growing my eyebrows in! All I do is quick swipe over my brows, and then comb them up with an eyebrow brush. Easy-peasy!


Excuse my product’s ratty appearance, I use them everyday so they’re a little worn and torn!

So there ya have it, my morning routine!


What’s your morning routine like? Do you use any of the same products as me? Most importantly, is there a to-die-for product that I’m missing out on? Fill a girl in!

Have a great night everyone and talk soon! xxx







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