I now work at Catskill Animal Sanctuary and it’s LOVELY.

Hey hey! What’s new everyone?

I wanted to tell you guys a lil bit about my new job today! I recently left the wonderland of Lagusta’s Luscious (SUPER SAD about it cause I loved working there) but am now working at Catskill Animal Sanctuary as a Communications Associate, and I LOVE it. This job is heaven on earth and I am soooo happy to be working with them! Have you guys heard of/been to Catskill Animal Sanctuary?

The sanctuary not only rescues animals and takes them in, but it also promotes a vegan lifestyle, which is why I am thrilled to be working with them. There’s a bunch of fun stuff to do with the sanctuary, too! There are cooking classes, weekend tours, yoga classes, a gorgeous b&b to stay at overnight, and even a kids camp during the summer called Camp Kindness. Heaven. On. Earth.

As a communications associate, part of my job is to walk around the sanctuary and get lots of photos and videos for the various social media channels. It’s so great! Never did I ever think that part of my daily work would be interacting and getting footage of some of the most beautiful animals I have ever seen, and I am not complaining.

I’m someone who loves a lot of the different aspects of social media, although that may be obvious because I run this blog just for fun (haha,) but I also love doing everything I can to help animals, so the two together make this job absolutely amazing. Plus everyone I work with is WONDERFUL. They are all so kind and talented and I feel so lucky to be working among such an amazing team!

So I figured I’d share some photos and stories of the animals I’ve gotten to know so far, because who doesn’t love cute animal photos…. Literally no one.

To my (semi)surprise, I really love the roosters at the sanctuary. I’ve always thought that they were cute, but never had any real interaction with a rooster before. ROOSTERS. ARE. AWESOME. They each have such different personalities and are such curious little guys. My favorite rooster is Chad, he is soooo friendly. His crow is so distinct and really easy to tell him apart from the others, so I love hearing him all over the sanctuary and thinking of my little Chad. ❤

This is not my beloved Chad (I only have videos of him because I love his crow!), but another roosters (whose name I do not know!) that I always see every day when I walk around to take pictures. He’s SO photogenic.


Here’s another Rooster who I think is GORGEOUS. Look at his eyes! His name is Vito ❤


All of the birds at the sanctuary are amazing, actually. The turkeys are beautiful, their calls are soooo soothing to listen to. This is my favorite picture of all time, she was so curious and came right up to me (and also gave my phone a good peck! Haha.)


The goats are FUN. Most of them are so outgoing and a little kooky, which is how I like my goats! Ha, kidding cause I’ve never really been around goats before! There’s this one goat, Bartleby, who is RAM.BUNC.TIOUS. He is known for knocking little kids over because they are his same height, and has such an energetic look in his eye like he can’t wait to go wild at a moment’s notice. He is super affectionate and reminds me a lot of my old dog, Buddy! AKA that means that I LOVE him.

Here are two of the younger goats eating some willow as one of my coworkers feeds them, loooook at them! They’re so beautiful ❤


Also, here is Violet! She is one of the more “famous” goats at the sanctuary because of a video that was posted of her as a baby.


She’s such a cutie!!

The pigs are something else. I have been a HUGE pig lover since I was a kid, so saying I was excited to work with pigs is an understatement. As a kid, I even had a spot all planned out of where my future pig would lay in the mud in my parent’s backyard. I was SERIOUS about adopting a pig, but obviously didn’t know how much work they really are to live with!

Sister Mary Francis is this PRECIOUS pig who is usually free-ranging the sanctuary. She’s a sucker for belly rubs, so if you rub her belly when she’s standing up, she’ll usually come crashing to the ground to give you easier access to her belly. Here is a video of it, I watched it abouuuuttt 20 times when I first saw this because she’s SO CUTE.


Sometimes when you’re petting her, she doesn’t even look up from the food that she’s eating, and I really respect that in someone. Eye on the prize, ya know?

The last lovely being that I want to tell you guys about is Lucy. Lucy is my desk pal, and she keeps working at a desk fun and cuddly. She has a bed on the corner of my desk and sits there all day, and I absolutely love it. We have a morning routine, also! When I come in in the morning, I unpack my bag onto my desk and she rubs herself against everything I put out, I get her fresh water for her mug and put it on the windowsill, then I scratch her head for 5 minutes and then she usually sleeps on her bed on my desk for the rest of the day. Sometimes she perks up when I’m eating my lunch, but usually she’s a lazy lady (she is 16, after all!) Today though, there was a solid hour where she wasn’t enjoying me doing work! She would sit right in front of my keyboard, and then when I would go to type, she’d lightly tap my hand away and nudge her head towards me. She is an angel. This is the gorgeous sight that I get to see on my desk every day ❤

Lucy Goosey

I call her Lucy Goosey a lot, and lately I’ve just been calling her my Goose and she seems to like it! I have such a love for her.

Well that about wraps up this lil Catskill Animal Sanctuary update! I’m sure I’ll be sharing many more photos with y’all of the gorgeous animals. Are there any in particular that you want to see photos of?

Have an amazing night everyone! ❤ 🙂 ❤


19 thoughts on “I now work at Catskill Animal Sanctuary and it’s LOVELY.

  1. thejuicenut says:

    Such beautiful photos, thank you for the tour 😊 Your passion and caring really shine through in your words and pictures. So pleased for you having a job for which you are so suited. Look forward to more 👏🏻


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