Hey y’all!/10 Billion Lives Warped Tour hot gossip


Okay so maybe there’s not too much hot gossip in this post, but one of my best friends Bianca has pretty much coined the term “hot gos (gossip) this summer, and it’s prettyyyyy fun to use. Try it out! (and of course think of Bianca when you do.)


How is summer treating all of you?! Getting tan? Enjoying some delish vegan meals? I wanna know all the deets.

I missed talking with you guys this past month so much! I originally had the intention of keeping up with my usual Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule (HA!) while I was on the road, but very quickly realized that there was barely even time for me to brush my hair, let alone craft out 3 blog posts per week.

So today I figured I’d let you guys know what touring with FARM with the 10 Billion Lives Tour on Warped Tour was like, and then next post I do we’ll start back up again with amazing vegan food finds, beauty products, and all the rest of that good stuff!


I know I’m 23 and thought I got over that whole Warped Tour scene in high school, but I gotta say, I’m now a lover of the whole Warped Tour experience again! It was SO fun to get to see old bands that I used to LOVE (The Maine, We the Kings, Less than Jake holla holla!)

So basically, the deal with the 10 Billion Lives Tour is this. We lived in and worked out of a truck (pictured below) that had 8 screens on the sides of it.


We all had signs that said “Get paid a dollar, watch a 4 minute video,” and would engage with people to see if they wanted to watch the video. The video discusses our food choices regarding animal agriculture, and while it’s pretty graphic and hard to watch (as is the animal agriculture industry) it is also super educational and something that everyone should watch once in their life. After the viewers watched the video, they’d come to one of us tour operators to get their dollar, and we’d discuss what they saw in the video.

A lot of times people said that they felt really sad after watching the video, understandably so, but we did get some people who would watch and claim that they didn’t care in the least bit. It was these people that really challenged me and helped me work on my conversations with non-vegans regarding veganism. Whether someone said that they were going to go vegan that minute, or that they didn’t care about animals and claimed to be a carnivore, (scientifically incorrect! But you knew that already 😉 ) I was still grateful for all of the conversations that I had.

I really do feel like we made a solid amount of vegans though! So many people were super receptive of the information we presented them with, and it was so amazing to watch people drop their guards and decide to change their way of life.

One thing I learned was to NOT stereotype people by their looks. So many times, a viewer would approach me to get their dollar and I’d assume that they’d be super effected by the video and swear that they’d wanna go vegan, and instead they would try to fight me on the matter because they worked on a dairy farm or something along those terms. On the flip side of that, so many people who didn’t look like they’d have a care in the world about animals would say that they wanted to go vegan.

I was also shocked by the number of older viewers (50’s and up) who said they wanted to change their diets. I think that’s really amazing, cause so many adults that I have met use the excuse that they’ve lived their whole lives eating meat and aren’t going to change now. If we all don’t change a little bit, then life would be suuuuuper boring, so I really appreciated the older viewers who were also really interested in veganism.

Anywho, here are some cute viewers watching the video!


So the people that I worked with were amazing. Including me, there was 4 of us tour operators, who lived together in the back of the truck. We also had 2 drivers who would drive us while we slept, and sleep during the day while we worked. Everyone I worked with was so lovely to get to know, and I wish I had more time with them!

Here’s all of us, plus our training boss, John, on our first day! Try to find me! (Hint: I’ve got the crazy shorts on!)


So lemme tell y’all, I ate better than I ever have in my life while on this tour. FARM is super serious about keeping their activists healthy and energetic, so we were able to buy all the avocados, nutritious (and expensive!) nuts and grains, and all that other good stuff that when I’m shopping on my own, usually skimp on because I’m only 23 and not sitting on a pile of gold (YET!) We had a food budget obviously, but a very generous one at that.

And for lunch every day, volunteers would bring us food from a local restaurant. This was one of the things I was most excited for on my trip. During the interview process, I was told that they always made sure to get us the best vegan food in the area, and they were NOT kidding. If the whole vegan outreach aspect wasn’t enough, getting to eat my way, vegan style, throughout the states was everything I could ever ask for.

One of the first places that we ate at was Spiral Diner in Dallas, TX. I got a cookies and cream milkshake and a “Big Kahuna” burger, which had chipotle mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickled jalapenos, red onions, vegan cheese, and guacamole. The experience was LIFE. CHANGING.



I didn’t take many other food pics, because I was always scarfing my food down too quickly to even think about taking a picture. Plus, I kind of semi-ditched my phone for the month which was really nice. But just imagine a month filled with the best vegan food possible, and that’s what the deal was.

I also realized that I LOVE the band State Champs, any of you guys know them? They’re great. I also got to see The Maine a bunch, which was funny because 9 years ago my high school self would have DIED.


I would have to say that my favorite city that we visited was St Petersburg, FL. It was gorgeous and the venue that we were at was right on the bay. Plus, I got to see a baby hammerhead shark!



Later that night, my friends and I went swimming in the bay (mildly scary because of the shark, extremely gross because it was low tide and the seaweed was going BUCKWILD) but we got to see a bunch more aquatic life when we went for our swim! We saw a HUGE crab, a bunch of hermit crabs, and even a conch. What can I say, vegans love some good aquatic life!

So I have a million and a half more things that I would like to share, but I don’t wanna bore y’all!

To fill you in though, I start my new job soon! Have I told you guys about it? I’m heartbroken because I had to leave my chocolatier position at the AMAZING Lagusta’s Luscious, but I recently accepted a job at the Catskill Animal Sanctuary as a Communications Associate! I am BEYOND excited to start! Do any of you guys have animal rights related jobs? Fill me in if you do, I’d love to hear about them!

Which leads me to my next point. I used to stick to a strict schedule of posting on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s, and it’s time that schedule gets a little revision! At my chocolatier position, I was working 5 days a week and sometimes struggling to generate good content for this blog. I sometimes felt like I was posting just because I had to post, and not because the post was jam packed with amazing vegan tips that I was dying to share with you all. That is NOT how any form of generating content should be, so I’m now changing my schedule to Monday’s and Thursday’s, since I will also be full time at my new position. Quality over quantity, ya know? Plus, who wants to read a boring blog post? Literally no one.

ANYWHO, I can’t wait to dive back into sharing some easy and breezy vegan tips that I’ve come across lately!

Can’t wait to start talking to you guys on a regular basis again ❤


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