Talk to y’all in the middle of July! 

Hey guys! How’s everyone’s summer going?? I figured I’d let you all know that I won’t be posting for the next month because I have been traveling with Farm Animal Rights Movement on the 10 Billion Lives Tour! I originally had the super naive idea that I’d still post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but we’ve been in Texas for only 4 days and already I have realized that I’m going to have zero time to do anything other than eat, sleep, and work!

(Btw, check out where I’m living for the month! Yes, it’s just as tiny on the inside as it looks!)

Also if you follow the 10 Billion Lives Tour Instagram, you may see me pop up every once in a while 😉

So have a great June and July, and I’ll talk to you guys soon!!


11 thoughts on “Talk to y’all in the middle of July! 

  1. Debra Roppolo says:

    Happy trails! Looking forward to your post when you return. (Since I haven’t had a new post in MONTHS, perhaps I’ll endeavour to take up a bit of the slack in your absence, lol.)


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