Friday means that it’s party time folks, and Gardein’s on the menu!

HAYOOO happy Friday y’all! To celebrate this sacred day, I wanna tell you guys about my absolute favorite brand of frozen vegan food. (Is brand the right word..?!) The vegan food brand that will have my heart 4ever is…


I am SO passionate about Gardein products. How could I not be though?! All of their products are so unique and pretty much to die for. Have you guys heard of Gardein before?

Just gonna throw this out there before I continue, I am quite aware that these are not the healthiest vegan options out there. I don’t eat them for nutrition, I eat them cause they’re fun! Just like someone on an omnivorous diet would splurge (does splurge work when talking about eating something that isn’t the healthiest?) on frozen meat products, like chicken fingers, us vegans can do that too with Gardein!

Alright so now that I’ve gotten “they’re not the healthiest” out of the way, I have to commend them on the purity of their ingredients. For a freezer section food, I can pronounce and understand all of the ingredients, which is something I can’t say for many other types of frozen food products. While you certainly wouldn’t only eat Gardein if you are dieting, they ain’t bad for ya either! Plus, everything in moderation 🙂

One thing that I love about Gardein is that they include a little recipe on each bag. For instance, the bag of crabless cakes that I have in my freezer has a crabless tacos recipe on it. Cute and easy! ALSO, their website has even more recipes. They have some goooood ones too, lemme tell ya.

So let’s get down to it, here are the Gardein products that will forever live in my heart:

(BTW: click on each product and it’ll direct you to their website where you can learn more!)

Turk’y cutlet


My boyfriend Jon and I LOSE it for these turk’y cutlets. They are EVERYTHING you could ask for and more. The gravy is so amazingly seasoned that I maaaaaybe would drink it if presented the opportunity. These are so perfect on their own, and also are amazing on a Thanksgiving sandwich. What’s a Thanksgiving sandwich, you ask? It’s Italian bread with cutlets, gravy, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce. It’s perfection. 

#1 favorite Gardien product out there ❤

Mandarin crispy chick’n


This chick’n is GREAT. I love it alone because the chick’n get so deliciously crispy, and the sauce is really great. They’re so good that I just want to enjoy THEM alone, ya know? BUT! This chick’n is also amazing with veggies as a stir fry.

Mini crabless cakes


So, these are a really big deal. A really REALLY big deal. When I saw these in the store I thought “they’re probably good, but how good can they really be?” They’re as good as you could ever imagine in your wildest dreams. They are so amazing that Jon and I binge ate them for a week when we first discovered them. From what I remember of crab cakes, they were alright, but these are just on a whole other level. If there’s one thing you do today, it should probably be eating these crabless cakes.

Seven grain crispy tenders


These were the first product that I ever tried of Gardein’s, and I was not disappointed. They’re superb on their own, but my favorite way to eat them is on a sandwich with avocado and Just Mayo. YUM!

Meatless pizza pockets


These are just tooooo cute, and they are also scrumptious as ever. The cheese is a really nice tasting cheese, and who doesn’t love food in a pocket?! Win/win.

Chick’n sliders


I just tried these for the first time recently, and I was pleasantly surprised! I think I’m the only person on the planet who’s not impressed with the idea of sliders. Little burgers? No thanks. I prefer my food large and in charge. But these sliders were really really great! I like to eat them with some added lettuce and my spiced up mayo recipe.

Sweet and sour porkless bites


These are CUTE. They are precious little porkless bites, and I just love that no pigs were harmed in the making of them. So this particular Gardein product comes with a crazy amount of sauce, so it’s def nice to throw some veggies in there with them. I once made them as is without any veggies, and there was so much sauce that the bites were almost like sitting in a soup. But, I do appreciate some extra sauce to cover my veggies!

Chipotle black bean burger (gf)


This burger is a winner. It’s gluten free, and they’re a QUARTER POUND each. These are some biiiiig guys, I gotta say. They are SO delicious too. They’re great chopped up in burritos as well, their seasoning is perfect for that!

Beefless ground


One word: EMPANADAS! Jon is a genius and created his own empanada recipe, using the beefless ground as the base. I LOVE it when he makes empanadas, he’s such a good cook and they are to. die. for. My mom makes sloppy Joe’s with this as the base, and they are so good as well. Come to think of it, I’m going to text her for her sloppy Joe recipe right now! I’ll share it with you guys soon 🙂 Jon’s mom also made stuffed mushrooms with this for me once, and I was loving it.

Meatless meatballs


I went through a biiiiiig meatball phases 2 years ago, starring Gardein’s meatless meatballs. I love these so much. They’re so amazing in sauce, but I also just love them plain, that’s how delicious and flavorful they are. Pretty sure I used to eat these plain for breakfast…. let’s keep that on the down low though.

Beefless tips


Another thing that my brilliant boyfriend thought up was using these beefless tips in a Philly Cheesesteak. We used freshly baked Italian bread, beefless tips (without the sauce), sautéed pepper and onion, and Fieldroast’s Chao cheese. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, yet it somehow was, true!

Golden fishless filet


These are another Gardein product that I could go on for DAYS about. These fishless filets are way better than I ever remember regular fish filets tasting. The fishy flavor comes from algae/seaweed, which is my jam, so they’re really quite lovely. The breading is also super buttery and the “fish” is very flakey and juicy, just like reg fish fillets are. They NAILED it with this one.

So my life recently changed when I decided to make fishless tacos with these filets. I followed Gardein’s baja fishless tacos recipe, and WOW was I in for the best “fish” tacos I could have ever hoped for. The aioli in their recipe is TOOOOOO GOOD. SO GOOD. INCREDIBLE. I can’t hype it up enough. (Just a note, I followed every part of their recipe except for the wine pickled onions. I never really felt like I had the time to make them, but ever other part of the recipe I stuck to. If you do make the pickled onions, let a girl know how they are!)

BBQ porkless pocket meal


Again, pockets are great. I have taken these on-the-go many a time, and they’re really just amazing. The taste is deeeeelicious, so there’s no going wrong with these pockets.

So that’s it for my favorite Gardein products!

What are your favorite Gardein products? Are there any that you love that I didn’t throw on this list?

Have a great weekend everyone! I hope it’s filled with lots and lots of Gardein ❤



9 thoughts on “Friday means that it’s party time folks, and Gardein’s on the menu!

  1. asianveganmom says:

    I’ve tried the mandarin chicken and chicken nuggets, and liked them both. I want to try the steak tips, and I’ve never tried chao cheese but they concco you mentioned sounds so good!!


  2. gymcatsmom says:

    As the mom of two kids (12 and 16) who are passionate about being vegan but aren’t quite there with loving veggies, Gardein has been a life saver for us! The seven grain chikn tenders are a definite go to for us and so are the pizza pockets. They have the best burgers that we have tasted all their stuff is terrific. And as stated above, they may not be healthiest, but they are a bazillion times healthier and loaded with more fiber than regular chicken nuggets and other frozen non-vegan food and they are cruelty free! So, until my kids get better about liking veggies, beans and lentils, we will happily eat Gardein!


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