A gift from the heavens… Rite Aid brand

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Lately I’ve been feeling really adventurous, beauty product wise, and have loved exploring the isles of my local Rite Aid. It such an amazing place to be!

As I mentioned in my guide to shaving post, Rite Aid brand doesn’t test on animals. Rite Aid brand has both their own products as well as “knock offs” of so many of those brands that do test on animals. They are made of the exact same ingredients, yet state that they are “not affiliated with ___ brand” and are way cheaper! If you ever find yourself at one of those gloriously huge Rite Aids with a million different beauty products, you usually can find a Rite Aid brand knock off for most of the products that do test on animals.


So today, I wanted to throw together a lil colab of all of my favorite Rite Aid brand products!

Facial Care


  1. Pink Grapefruit Foaming Acne Scrub. I’m sure we’ve all seen Neutrogena’s commercials for their grapefruit wash line, well here it is in all its cruelty free glory! Works like a dream ❤
  2. Pore Cleansing Strips. I. LOVE. THESE. SO. MUCH. Seriously though, these work so well! Have you guys ever used pore cleansing strips? They work amazingly, and are also reallyyyyy fun to use!
  3. Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. This makeup remover has been my GO TO for years. Have you ever used a makeup remover that doesn’t work too well and you end up rubbing some eyelashes off? Well this one works super well and also smells nice and clean!
  4. Oil Blotting Sheets. Okay who else swears by these? They’re strong enough to make your face look nice and matte, but gentle enough that you can use over your makeup. I know Clean and Clear makes a version of these, and I was always tempted to try them but didn’t want to buy them cause they’re tested on animals, so I was so happy to see these appear at Rite Aid a couple of years ago!
  5. Oil-Free Acne Wash. So this is the knock off for Neutrogena’s oil free acne wash, and man does it WORK. It worked a little too well for me though, so I had to stop using it. I got a facial this past December, and my esthetician told me that the facial cleanser I was using was way too harsh. I don’t use it any more, but if you’re someone who doesn’t have as sensitive of skin as I do, use this!!
  6. Positively Glowing Daily Moisturizer. This moisturizer is a knock off of Aveeno’s Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer, and it’s just as lovely as it sounds. (Also, doesn’t Aveeno strike you as a company that wouldn’t test on animals? I know that has nothing to actually do with whether they conduct animal testing or not, but they just seem like they’re all wholesome and organic, when in reality they are owned by Johnson & Johnson, who is known for doing a largeeee amount of animal experimentation.)

Sick Day!


  1. Daytime Severe Cold & Flu Relief Maximum Strength. Dayquill is pretty much a must for me when I have a cold and also have to go to work. Thankfully Rite Aid makes a cruelty free version! I also always get this in liquid form as opposed to liquid-gel form because the gels have gelatin in them.
  2. NightTime Cold & Flu Relief. Just like Dayquill is a necessity for me during the day, Nyquill is a definite must have at night. All the cold relief without the animal testing cruelty!
  3. Medicated Chest Rub. I SWEAR by this stuff when I’m sick. I don’t use it on my chest though, like most people do. I apply it to my nose when it’s super chapped from being blown too much! The smell helps to clear my sinuses, and the vaseline-esque jelly helps soothe my chapped skin.
  4. Maximum Strength Severe Congestion Nasal Spray. Nasal spray, oh how you are my SAVIOR. I never used nasal spray up until about 2 years ago, and now that I have, I never want to have a stuffy nose again in my life. I’ve heard this stuff isn’t the best for you, but hey, I get like 1 cold a year, my nose can handle it!

Stuff for yo body!


  1. Lavender Epsom Salt. I am a bath person, and these epsom salts are just lovely. Lavender is by far my favorite scent, so there’s really no way that a bath with these epsom salts can go wrong.
  2. Light Sesame Formula Moisturizing Body Oil. BODY OILS ARE THE BOMB. I can’t say it enough, I’m all about that oil! Plus who doesn’t like a gentle sesame fragrance?!
  3. Men’s 5 Blade Razor, 12 cartridges. As I told you guys in my shaving post, I use men’s razors. I recently decided to switch over from disposable razors to the ones where you just change the heads of them to minimize the amount of plastic that I was throwing out. 5 blades, woohoo!
  4. Petroleum Jelly. Ever since I was in 7th grade, I have been religiously applying vaseline/petroleum jelly to my eyelashes before bed every night to promote strong, healthy lashes. I’m so used to this ritual that I can’t fall asleep unless my lashes feel super moisturized! Psychotic or just concerned about long lashes…you choose.
  5. Ball of Foot Cushion. I love these foot cushions so much. They’re perfect for heels, because the ball of your foot is where all of the pressure falls when wearing heels.
  6. Cotton Swabs. The only thing I use q-tips for are for cleaning up my makeup, so these are my go-to’s! Plus, they’re rainbow!
  7. SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen Lotion. For some reason I’ve always had trouble finding sunscreen that is cruelty free, so this one is pretty much a no brainer as to why I ❤ it.
  8. Nail File . While I’m sure most nail files are not tested on animals, the brands that make them usually do! Something about the shape of the handle and the length of the file makes this nail file my FAVORITE. I have one of these in every purse, and a handful just laying around the house. I don’t like to trim my nails, I just file, and this nail file is perfect for that.



  1. Scalp Itch & Dandruff Relief. Okay this stuff is key when it comes to my hair regime. As I admitted when we talked about dry shampoo, I only wash my hair once a week! Contrary to what you would think, your scalp actually gets dryer the longer you don’t wash your hair for. Even though your hair gets oily, your scalp can get super itchy and dry from not washing your hair enough. This serum is PERFECT for people like me who don’t like to wash their hair every day, but are prone to dry scalps. It’s also great if you have psoriasis on your scalp, which is what I have! You just squeeze some out onto your scalp and feel immediate itch relief, it’s amazing.
  2. Coal Tar Shampoo. So I have psoriasis, and regular dandruff shampoos don’t work for me cause that’s not what I have. Coal tar shampoo on the other end is everything I could have ever asked for and more. I have heard that even if you have a super healthy scalp, it’s still good to use a dandruff/ psoriasis shampoo every once in a while because it sort of renews your scalp.
  3. Rosemary & Mint Sulfate-Free Color Protecting Moisturizing Shampoo. Rosemary and mint. Need I say more?


Teeth .jpg

  1. Premium Waxed Floss. As you can probably tell, I’m a little anal about the specifics of my beauty products. This is the ONLY floss I use because it doesn’t split in between your teeth mid-floss.
  2.  Alcohol Free Vivid Mint Fluoride Mouthwash. I’m a biiiiiig fan of mouth wash. I used to brush my teeth like 7 times a day (no joke, I just like a clean mouth!) until my dentist told me that my gums were receding because I was brushing too much. Oops. So now whenever I wanna brush my teeth but I’ve gone over my daily limit of 3 brushings, I use mouth wash! Spoken like a true addict…
  3. Cavity Fighter Toothbrush. I’m alllllllll about that soft toothbrush life. After being told that my gums were receding, I decided to only use soft toothbrushes for the rest of my life. Not that I was ever using the hard ones, but it’s still good to make sure you’re sticking to a nice soft one!

So there ya have it, my Rite Aid Brand go-to’s! Whoever said shopping cruelty free clearly never did their research, because it is soooo easy. Too easy. I wish it was a little harder, actually, so I could stop spending so much money on products…

What are you favorite Rite Aid brand beauty products??

Have a great night guys! 🙂




11 thoughts on “A gift from the heavens… Rite Aid brand

  1. Marisa Greene says:

    Hey! How do you know Rite-Aid brand is cruelty free? I can’t seem to find evidence anywhere else. I’m not doubting you, just curious! That’s amazing if it is totally 100% cruelty free.


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