A homeopathic guide to a sassy, healthy vagina

Hey guys!

How was everyone’s weekend?

So we’re about to get real intimate, but for good reason!

First things first, this is a post for all my ladies out there! If you are a man, feel free to continue reading, but I really don’t think you’ll get tooooo much use out of today’s post. (ALSO: Dad, if you’re reading this, feel free to stop now. Thank you for always supporting me and reading my posts, but consider today your “get out of reading Meredith’s blog” day.)

Anywho! Today I wanted to talk about an issue that is very important to me, and that issue is  “feminine health.” Specifically, taking care of your vagina! Even more specifically, vegan homeopathic yeast infection remedies. 

If there is one thing you don’t know about me yet, it is that I am an expert on getting rid of yeast infections. Both homeopathic and not, I know the ins and outs of yeast infection remedies (because I have tried them ALL!)

Us women are taught to not speak about our vaginas unless it is in a sexy, clean way. NEWS FLASH PEOPLE, we all entered this world though a vagina, and it most definitely wasn’t “pretty.” But that’s literally the way of life, and as women we should not have to hide or feel the need to be secretive about any hoo-ha problems that we’re having.

Now I totally understanding wanting to be private about those sorts of things, but there is a difference between wanting to keep those things a secret, and feeling like you have to keep those things a secret.

I am a very open person, and it seriously pisses me off that a lot of women feel that they can’t talk about certain health problems because they’ll be judged or sound un-lady like. The amount of women that I know who have suffered silently for years with numerous vaginal problems is astonishing. We need to stop feeling ashamed about our bodies! Again, I’m not saying we should weave our vaginas into every single conversation we have (although that would be hilarious!) but we shouldn’t feel ashamed to talk about a problem we’re having.

Since we are the gender that has to take birth control into our own hands, a lot of health problems can arise, which can be quite inconvenient for us women.

So here’s the deal. I went on birth control pills a number of years ago. Before going on the pill, I had never had a yeast infection before and proudly had a very healthy vag. A couple of months after going on the pill, I started to get yeast infections that would go away with medication, then come right back. I went to countless gynecologists trying to find a cure for my problem, and not a single one could help me.

Until, I met my current gyno, Dawn. If you live in the New Jersey/New York area, SERIOUSLY consider seeing her. She changed. my. life. 2 of my best friends even started going to her too, and we all swear that we’ll never go to anther gynecologist in our entire lives.

That’s because she listens. All of the other gynos I was going to weren’t listening to me. All they did was prescribe me Diflucan, which is pretty much like asking for another yeast infection. Do noooooot take Difulcan. It rids you of your current infection, but then makes you way more likely to get another one. No thank you! Towards the end of my Diflucan usage, I was taking 5 at a time because they no longer did anything for me in smaller quantities, and then I would get a yeast infection 10 times worse the next week. Woohoo!

Also, Monistat. Stupid, horrible, torturous Monistat. Who here hates Monistat as much as I do? It not only didn’t work for me, but also felt like a big spider was inside my abdomen scratching around making me feel like I wanted to CLAW. IT. OUT. Dramatic, but taking Monistat literally made me feel like a mad woman because it’s such an irritating medication! Hate it.

From all the gynos that I saw, I had been told I may have diabetes, I may be allergic to semen (?!) , I may have herpes, and countless other unbelievable diagnoses (all of which proved to be false.)

So while I was dealing with these constant yeast infections, I did some research on how to get rid of them the non-conventional way, why we get them, how to keep them away for good, etc. and learned that I was getting them because of my birth control pills. BC has a lot of hormones, and these hormones throw off the balance of our bodies, causing some undesirable things to happen. I tried about 7 different forms of BC pills, yet none did the trick for me.

After trying many, many, MANY things to rid me of my yeast infections, Dawn and I decided that an IUD may just be the trick for me, and I dropped my pills once and for all. My IUD has been a GODSEND and got rid of my yeast infections asap, proving that it was the estrogen in the pill that really messed with my body.

But how did I rid myself of the countless infections I got while still on BC? With a little help from the internet and a lot of help from Dawn, I tried a lot of different remedies.

The crazy thing is, pharmaceuticals did not work for me. And sometimes, they made things worse. I don’t know if you can fully get my “vibe” through my blog, but I am not someone who lives homeopathically/organically/pure and naturally in all the aspects of my life. I am not afraid of chemicals, and never had much against OTC medicine. But, I kid you not, they really don’t stand a chance when it comes to homeopathic yeast remedies. All bodies are different, but my body responded a million times better to the homeopathic remedies I tried than it did to the pharmaceuticals I was prescribed. But that’s just me.

So, I present to you, the vegan, cruelty free, homeopathic yeast infection remedies that have worked for me/ have worked for others but not my stubborn, resistant body! HA.

Gentian violet


Gentian violet has been the SAVIOR of my 20’s. I’m serious. If there is one non-living thing that I have to thank for my happiness, I’m so serious when I say that it is gentian violet. So what is this miracle substance? Gentian violet is “an antiseptic dye that has been in use since 1890.”

So basically, this stuff is a really potent (is that the right word when describing dyes?) purple dye that has antifungal properties. It is super safe to use, so safe that you can use it in your baby’s mouth if they get a thrush infection, which is a yeast infection in the mouth. (Google “gentian violet thrush baby,” you won’t be disappointed.)

This is the one that I buy. Dawn told me to always buy a 2% solution, like this one is, so make sure to buy 2% if you are going to invest in some gentian violet!

So how do you use gentian violet for a vaginal yeast infection? It’s very simple, but can be REALLY messy if you don’t keep everything super organized and clean. I like to do this in the shower (when it’s off, not on!) So here’s the deal: first off, you need to get yourself some OB-GYN swabs. Pretty sure these are the ones I bought when I made the initial bulk purchase. Pretty funny thing to order away for and have delivered on your doorstep! So you’re gonna want to dip the swab into the gentian violet bottle until the majority of the swab is covered in the dye. Then, you apply it to your infected area. Dawn has told me that when she applies this to her patients, she only applies it to the infected area. If your yeast infection is more external, only apply it to the outside of your vag. If you have an internal yeast infection, insert the swab inside you and apply!

I actually keep my gentian violet with me wherever I go (long-term travel wise.) If I’m staying at my parents house for a few days, you better believe I have my little purple bottle of gen-vi with me. I haven’t gotten a yeast infection in probably half a year, but it’s just habit I guess. Better safe than sorry!

Boric Acid

Boric acid is another homeopathic remedy that I have tried. Boric acid did not work for me personally, but I have a friend who said it cured her of her yeast infections, so I had to include it in my list for you guys! Boric acid is an interesting one, it is actually used to kill rats which is something that I don’t particularly love… (Rats are awesome! Leave them alone!) It also is toxic if taken orally, but if inserted vaginally can rid you of yeast.

So the way I got my hands on some boric acid was through my gyno and a specific pharmacy that specialized in medication mixing. Something about the boric acid that I needed had to be mixed with something, so I had to seek out a specific pharmacy that could do that. They put it in little gel (veggie based!) capsules and those capsules are inserted vaginally 3 times daily for 2 weeks. It was supposed to rid me of my yeast infections for good, but it did no such thing. If you are dealing with constant yeast infections though, this one is def worth a try!

Coconut Oil


❤ Ah, dear coconut oil. How I love you so much. ❤

The first time I ever used coconut oil was actually to treat yeast infections! I read that it has antifungal properties, so I ran out ASAP to grab myself some. For me, it is not strong enough to rid me of an infection, but it is a lovely vaginal moisturizer if you’ve been using other harsh products, like boric acid.

Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree oil has absolutely worked for me, but the persistence of my birth control canceled out any of the progress that the tea tree oil had. Tea tree oil is strong, so if you’re going to apply it topically, I would recommend mixing it with a carrier oil, preferably coconut oil! A coconut/tea tree oil mixture is like a super remedy, and smells amazing also!

Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar is another favorite of mine. Along with (trying to!) take “shots” of it daily, I use it for so many other things as well. ACV is great for vaginal health, because it basically resets your pH and helps get rid of yeast. Whether you drink it or apply it to your vagina, it does great things for your body!

A Hair Dryer

So this one may be a little out there, but it works! Dawn once told me that many of her patients are “best friends with their hair dryer” and I know why! Yeast thrives in moist, warm environments. If you blow dry your vagina for a minute or 2 every day, the hot air can kill the yeast and also make your vag super dry, hence creating an environment that yeast does not thrive in.

There’s a warning with this one though… I think I went a little too balls to the wall with this “remedy” and burned myself! Not a blistering burn, but it was an uncomfortable situation. So don’t go crazy with your hairdryer like I did!



Probiotics are SUPER important for our bodies. They’re so good for digestion, and also keep your yeast count in check. We have yeast all throughout our bodies, but probiotics magically have a way of riding our bodies of the unwanted yeast.

The only thing to watch out with probiotics though is to make sure that your probiotic is dairy free, and in a veggie capsule. The pic I linked above is a probiotic suitable for vegans!


Garlic is great for curing infections because of its antifungal properties. Both if eaten orally or inserted vaginally, garlic can do wonders. I’ve heard of people making garlic “tampons” and inserting them, but I don’t know why but I was never too keen on the idea. Not sure why because I was game to try everything else, but not garlic.

I do LOVE roasting garlic and eating it as a spread on toasted bread tho!


Drinking lots of water can be beneficial when trying to get rid of a yeast infection. It by no means will cure you of your infection, but it’s crucial when keeping a healthy bod!

Cotton Underwear

While this isn’t a “remedy” exactly, it is a key part to keeping a healthy vagina, especially when dealing with yeast infections. Synthetic, non-breathable materials are so suffocating and creating a really bad environment for your vagina, so always stick to cotton undies. And don’t wear any at all when sleeping, give your vag a break!

Things to Avoid

Sugar is the number 1 thing to stay away from when dealing with a yeast infection. Sugar is the devil when it comes to a healthy vagina, so if you’re consuming lots and lots of sugary sweets and suffering from yeast infections, drop those sweets for a bit and see if that helps you.

Carbs are also good to stay away from for the most part. Some carbs turn into sugars during the digestive process, so carbs are also sadly a no-no when dealing with a yeast infection as well.

Beer is also a good one to steer clear of for a while, because of its high yeast content.

(Sugar, carbs, and beer are like my 3 favorite food groups, so I feel for any of you reading this and groaning to yourself that you can’t indulge.)

Avoid BC pills if possible! Like I said above, they absolutely murdered my vagina’s health, so I would recommend looking into other low-estrogen forms of birth control.

Glycerin-based lubes are a big one to avoid as well. Glycerin is very similar to sugar, which yeast thrives on. Just use coconut oil instead!

Antibiotics are also notorious for causing yeast infections, because they kill both bad and good bacteria, making your body vulnerable to other infections. I recently got my wisdom teeth out, and knew I would have to take antibiotics. The morning of my surgery, I did a gentian violet application, and the antibiotics did no such harm on my vagina. It’s a trick that I swear by and will never take antibiotics without doing!

So that about sums it up! Can you tell that I’m crazy passionate about keeping a healthy vagina, not to mention killing the stigma that women shouldn’t talk about their vaginas?!

PLEASE contact me if you are suffering from constant yeast infections. I am here for you, and would absolutely love to help!

Also, don’t be ashamed to talk about your vagina problems! We’re all human, and part of being a woman is having a vagina, which can cause problems from time to time. Own it ladies!

Have a good night ladies (and gents too if you’re still with us)! Talk soon! ❤





3 thoughts on “A homeopathic guide to a sassy, healthy vagina

  1. Kammie says:

    Hello. I’m currently experiencing a BAD yi and started this gen bi treatment but with tampons…how long before I should feel some relief?


  2. Merry says:

    How can I get in touch with you? Looking forward to trying the violet, thank you so mu u for the tips! Been suffering for six years and became allergic to antifungals two years ago. I get about one infection per month and am ready to be DONE. Also stopped drinking, been vegan for 15 years, lowered sugar intake, and tried every natural pill out there.


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