A vegan guide to shaving

HEY y’all!

Today while taking a shower, I realized that a lot of the products I use are pretty different than what you would expect to see in your “typical” shower. Specifically my shaving products. Half of them are different because of my vegan cruelty free lifestyle, and half of them are because I prefer to opt for natural products whenever possible. So today I am going to do a little breakdown of essential shaving products for a cruelty free/vegan life!

So, first things first, let’s discuss…


As many of you lovely educated people def already know, many razor brands test on animals! While this can be a huge bummer, there are still great razor options out there!

First off, I prefer to use men’s razors. Compared to women’s razors, they usually have more blades per razor head, they get a “closer shave,” and they last longer. Even if the men’s and women’s razors cost the exact same and are made by the same manufacturer, I have found that they usually have more blades than women’s razors. Hence, why I choose to use men’s razors.

So I’m going to share a lil treasured tip of mine that maybe you all know, or maybe I’m about to blow your mind. Rite Aid and CVS brand don’t test on animals! So you know when you’re at Rite Aid or CVS and there are all of those products that do test on animals, like Neutrogena and Clean and Clear, and then the Rite Aid/CVS “knock offs” of the products? Well those “knock offs” are cruelty free!!

I don’t have any hard concrete evidence as to why they don’t test on animals, and yet the other brands do, but here’s my guess: On all of the “knock off” products, they all say “this product can be compared to bla bla bla but is not affiliated with the brand bla bla bla.” My guess is that since they are just straight up taking the formula used to make that product to make their own, they don’t need to test on animals because the ingredients clearly are good to go for human use already. If you know any actual info on this, PLEASE fill me in because I would love to know if my theory is correct!

How great is that though? Products that are cheaper and cruelty free with the exact same formula as the name-brand products?  I’ll take it!

So my go to razor is a CVS/Rite Aid brand men’s razor. Simple enough, easy to find wherever I am, and pretty cheap too!



On to…

Shaving cream!

While I don’t use shaving cream anymore (more on that in a sec!) I used to use Pure Silk shaving cream, which is cruelty free and also super cheap. I also never had a problem finding this shaving cream in stores, so it’s convenient to find when shopping which is always a huge plus. Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 3.06.55 PM.png

I know Alba Botanica and Kiss My Face make shaving cream as well, so if you’re a shaving cream kinda gal, those are worth looking in to!


I personally don’t love shaving cream because it can be harsh on your skin and contain a crazy amount of chemicals. I always feel like my legs are super dry after I shave with shaving cream, and I really think it’s because the chemicals in the cream are drying my skin out! Not a fan of having dry skin, so I prefer to use…

Shaving oil!

My go-to shaving oil is just some good ole extra virgin olive oil. It keeps my skin SOOO smooth, and is really thick and luscious so it does its job well. Olive oil is also a natural lubricant, so you cut yourself waaaay less when using olive oil than when using shaving creams. I keep a little tupperware container of olive oil in my shower at all times and fill it up when it empties.

One thing that I love about using olive oil for shaving is that I never have the added cost of shaving cream on my Rite Aid/CVS bills! My boyfriend and I have a HUGE jug of olive oil in our kitchen that has lasted us forever and seems to be bottomless, so whenever I run out of olive oil in the shower, I refill my little tupperware and am good to go! Cheap, and works SO MUCH better than shaving cream.

So a couple years ago when I became obsessed with coconut oil (along with everyone and their mother,) I really wanted coconut oil to work as a shaving cream for me. The smell is to. die. for. and it has so many amazing health benefits when applying it to your skin. Unfortunately for me, coconut oil does not work well on my legs. No clue why, I can use it just fine on my hands and face as a moisturizer just fine, but on my legs? Something just isn’t right. I always get horrible razor burn on my legs when I shave with coconut oil, and the bumps are super painful and last for days. I am CLUELESS as to why my legs want nothing to do with coconut oil, yet my dry hands practically crave it.

ANYWAY though, I know that some people swear by coconut oil for shaving, so don’t knock it until you try it! Coconut oil also has natural antiperspirant properties to it, so if you shave your armpits with it, it’s pretty much like shaving with a super creamy and smooth deodorant. Win/win!

I have also heard that shaving with avocado oil is a real dream, but I have never had the pleasure of using it as a shaving oil. Try it out if you have it at home though!

My favorite reason to use oil as opposed to shaving cream is that it leaves your skin SO smooth after shaving. A perfect amount of oil is left behind after shaving, and you’re practically already moisturized after hopping out of the shower!

Razor burn cures!

As I mentioned above, I sometimes get bumps on my legs after shaving (especially after using coconut oil!) I swear by using Rosebud Salve to get rid of razor burn. I think it may have something to do with the moisture trapping properties of the Rosebud Salve, but it works like MAGIC.

Along with Rosebud Salve, tea tree oil is also great for making razor burn disappear. It’s also super effective for fighting pimples yet gentle enough to use on your face (I loooooove tea tree oil!)


Some people also say that coconut oil works to get rid of razor burn, which is funny because that is the cause of my razor burn. Again, def try it and don’t let me deter you from using it!

So that’s about it for my vegan guide to shaving. Did I miss anything? What are your can’t-live-without vegan shaving products?!

On another note, who’s excited for the premiere of The Bachelorette tonight?!?!?! I am SO EXCITED because I LOVE JOJO!

A little fun fact about me that you guys def didn’t know, I recently became obsessed with The Bachelor franchise! So obsessed that I watched 13 seasons of it in just one year…! While I could be ashamed of this, I am just not. We all have our awful guilty pleasures, and the bachelor is my number 1 and I chose to own this “flaw” of mine.

(Did that confession make you guys want to stop reading my blog…?)

Either way, enjoy these shaving tips and have a lovely day everyone!



14 thoughts on “A vegan guide to shaving

  1. gymcatsmom says:

    Lately, I have been using Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Hemp Citrus Pure Castile Soap for my body wash AND to shave with. It smells amazing, is vegan and works really well. Witch Hazel is also really good for razor burn.


  2. gymcatsmom says:

    Oh, I went and bought a tin of the Rosebud Salve and I am obsessed. I loved it so much I went and bought a three pack of it in lip-gloss tubes (I’m a germ freak and dont like to have to stick my fingers in the tin when I am out and about). The mandarin-rose is delicious. We opened our pool this past weekend, so my fingers were pretty raw bc I scrubbed some stuff with chlorine. I kept putting the rosebud salve on them and it made them so much better.


  3. Leeward Boatswain Bagehot says:

    Thanks. I was just looking for this sort of info a couple of days ago. Bulldog and Jäson products turned out to be a big letdown due to their use of palm oil.


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