Save a cow, wear a pineapple!


There is a new vegan fashion label on the market called Piñatex, and they have thought of the coolest new way to make faux-leather.

Instead of using a cow skin, Piñatex uses…



Okay, not the juicy yellow part, but their tough green leaves!

Piñatex began after founder Carmen Hijosa visited the Philippines and saw how horrible leather tanneries are. After getting a sneak-peak into the leather industry, she decided that she wanted to created a more sustainable and cruelty free alternative, using pineapples!

Sounds crazy? It just may be, but it works! “The key is processing the pineapple leaves in such a way where the fibers can be transformed into different textiles mimicking the most desired fashions.”

Besides being cruelty free (ya know, not requiring cows to be skinned and all..) they are also extremely eco-friendly, biodegradable, and are dedicated to the local labor force. Piñatex aims to “develop new textiles using natural fibres, which are the by-product of the pineapple harvest, thus no extra land, water, fertilisers or chemicals are utilised in its production.”

How amazing! I can get down with that!

So currently, Piñatex is more of a material than it is an accessory brand. While there are a few products made by other companies of this leather and also some prototypes, this isn’t the type of brand where you order bags directly from their website. Maybe they’re aiming to do so for the future, but as of now they are more of a material-based website than they are a product one.

Speaking of prototypes, here are some gorgeous looking bags and shoes below that are made of Piñatex.


I LOVE the off-white cream color. Very fabulous if I do say so myself.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 10.35.25 AM.png

There are even prototypes of car seats made out of Piñatex! That has always been a concern of mine, car wise. Not that I am at all in the position to be buying new cars (HA!) but I always thought that it would kinda suck to fall in love with a car, only to realize that its interior is made of cow.

While I love that this product is eco-friendly, the main reason I love it so much is that it is a cruelty-free alternative to leather.

Who here has seen Earthings? Narrated by Joaquin Pheonix, it has a superb section dedicated to the horrors of the leather industry. Before watching Earthlings, I never knew toooo much about the leather industry. I don’t know why, I never would buy leather but I also never educated myself on the subject. For instance, I had no clue that a different type of cow is used for leather.

One thing that really bothers me about the leather industry is the treatment of the cows during transportation. (Just to make one thing clear, the treatment of the cows during the WHOLE process is awful, not just during transportation!) So a lot of leather comes from India, where there are laws against slaughtering cows. In order to legally kill the cows, they have to be transported to ground where killing cows is legal, and they do this by foot.

During transportation, “workers routinely break cows’ tails and rub chili peppers and tobacco into their eyes in order to force them to get up and keep walking after they collapse from exhaustion on the way to the slaughterhouse.” While I have no clue how someone could kill an animal, I am even more clueless as to how someone could torture an animal like this. With killing, at least the animal’s misery will be over soon, ya know? But rubbing things into their eyes and breaking their tails? Repulsive.

Once they have made it to the slaughter house, conditions are still just as disgusting. “If they make it there alive, workers bind together cows’ legs and slit their throats — all while they’re still conscious. Cows are sometimes still alive and kicking as their skin is ripped off their bodies.

I still am dumbfounded as to how anyone could do this to an animal. Plus, cows are such sentient beings. “According to research, cows are very intelligent animals who can remember things for a long time. Animal behaviorists have found that cows interact in socially complex ways, developing friendships over time and sometimes holding grudges against other cows who treat them badly.” If that’s not proof that we should not be treating these gorgeous animals in such horrible ways, then I don’t know what is.


I’m sorry but no fashion accessory is EVER worth this type of torture. Especially when so many gorgeous faux-leather options exist!! Which is why I am so happy that Piñatex is making such huge strides in the cruelty free fashion department!

I am ALL for vegan fashion, but when it’s also super nice quality and really really cool looking, then you can absolutely count me in. I am reallyyyyy looking forward some fabulous shoes and purses made by the lovely and ever-so-progressive Piñatex ❤

Have a good night everyone!





9 thoughts on “Save a cow, wear a pineapple!

  1. kaciethings says:

    I’ve NEVER heard this but oh my gosh it makes me so happy.

    Like you said, the entire process of the leather industry is just… It’s sickening to say the least.

    I do look forward to hearing about more from this!


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