Nothing’s sweet about cow bone char

Helloooo everyone!

Weird title, right?? Well today’s post is a weird one as well!

So today’s topic is one that may surprise you guys, or maybe you all already know what I’m about to say and this post is pointless..? Either way…

Did you guys know that non-organic sugar isn’t technically vegan?

Let me break it down for you: non-organic sugar doesn’t contain any animal products, so technically its contents are vegan. But here’s where it gets tricky.

While its contents are vegan, non-organic sugar “is processed with animal bone char,” the bone char usually being “derived from cow bones.”

If you’re cool with your sugar being processed with bone char, then by all means do you, but for me, I’m not tooooo happy eating something that had to be processed with an animal’s body part.

But that’s just me.

There is good news though!!! Organic raw and/or natural sugar is not processed through cow bone char so it is considered vegan!

And even better news, organic sugar is SUPER PRETTY! Seriously though. Organic sugar is SO sparkly, and kinda champagne colored. I had always known that regular non-organic sugar isn’t vegan, but didn’t really have this fully enforced until I started working at a vegan chocolate shop (Lagusta’s Luscious!!) When I first started working at Lagusta’s, I thought that she had some special beautiful sugar because it is SUCH a pretty hue of off-white. LOL. Nope, just some good ole organic sugar!


See? Very sparkly and champagne-like. Plus, in my opinion it tastes better, and other people agree as well. “Pure sucrose, or white sugar, is bland—other than being sweet, it doesn’t really have much flavor at all. Evaporated cane juice and other less refined sugars have a warmer, richer flavor profile that a lot of people enjoy.”

While there is no nutritional difference, I still prefer to opt for the cruelty-free route.

Plus, you can almost always find it where non-organic sugar is sold, so the convenience factor is there as well.


How do you guys feel about this? I’m someone who likes to use organic sugar in the kitchen, but when I’m out at a restaurant eating a vegan sweet, I don’t ask if their sugar is vegan or not. For me, it’s not the most important thing. I’m way more concerned if what I’m eating contains dairy, eggs, etc. How about you guys, do you ask if the sugar used is also vegan, or do you let it fly?

It’s pretty crazy the things that us humans use animal’s bodies for. Sometimes it can feel discouraging, almost as if everything we’re doing harms animals in some way and it’s super hard to avoid it. But, slowly but surely things are changing! Don’t believe me? Last year at the Animal Rights National Conference the closing plenary focused on how the vegan movement is slowly paving the path for a humane future, and that “we’re winning.” It was so SO SO inspiring and I’m pretty sure I cried out of happiness at one point hahaha. I’ll leave you guys with 2 clips of the speakers from the closing plenary below, get ready for MAJOR goosebumps and a feeling of wanting to change the world right here, right now:

Have a nice day everyone! 🙂



14 thoughts on “Nothing’s sweet about cow bone char

  1. CrimsonCorundum says:

    I always check that everything I eat is vegan, but sugar isn’t anything I need to worry about, because here all sugar is vegan. Very inspiring post, by the way. If we really are winning, that would be so great. I have been thinking it’s the other way around, we’re losing. I hope I’m wrong about that.


  2. Beverly says:

    That’s a good point about asking what kind of sugar is used while eating vegan sweets. I think I always assumed yes, but I’ll probably start to ask. If nothing else, it may educate bakers who may not know. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂


  3. happilyhippie says:

    The video you’ve shared is so moving. I have recently started veganism and am always grateful for reminders like this of why I chose this lifestyle. I will deffinetly be sharing this on my blog 🙂
    (you were right about that “change the world feeling”)


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