Chickpeas make the world go round

Hello all you lovely people!

How’s it going? Today seems like a day for sharing treasured recipes, so I’m going to share with you all one of my favorite dishes that I loveeee to make for lunch. Introducing…

Chickpea “tuna salad”!


It’s a super simple and easy dish to whip up, yet is really satisfying and from my experience, a crowd pleaser. What’s not to love about a delicious, easy, crowd pleasing recipe?!

1 can of chickpeas, drained
1/3 C vegan mayo (I love Just Mayo!)
2 celery ribs
1 T mustard
1 T white wine vinegar
1 T lemon juice
1/4 t cayenne pepper
1/4 sheet of nori
Pepper to taste

Like I said before, this recipe is simple, so toss all of the ingredients into a food processor and you’re good to go!  I don’t even bother to chop the celery before I throw it in, I just break it up with my fingers. Same with the nori as well. And just at tip, be careful not to over blend in the food processor. You don’t want a blob of mush, you want more of a chunky kinda consistency.

I love to eat this chickpea salad cold on bread as a deliciously refreshing sandwich, or on toasted bread with cheese as a “tuna melt”! To make a “tuna melt” with this chickpea salad, I like to spread a bunch on a piece of Italian bread, top it off with some Chao Cheese (THE BEST!) and toast it in the oven for 10 minutes or so until the bread is crispy and the cheese is melted. SO DELICIOUS. The first time I made a “tuna melt” with this chickpea salad I could NOT get over how scrumptious it was in every single way.


I love the cayenne in this recipe because it adds just the right kind of kick to it. Who else LOVES cayenne pepper?! I like to toss it in just about anything. It has such a nice heat to it but doesn’t over power the other flavors. My current favorite use for cayenne is using around 1/2 tsp in a detox drink that I (try to) drink every morning.

This chickpea salad gets its “tuna-y-ness” from nori. Am I the only one who could eat sheet after sheet of nori because that stuff is SO good to me! It has such a deep taste and kind of melts on your tongue, plus it’s just seaweed so it’s both delicious and nutritious!

There’s something great about a dish that tastes “fishy” but doesn’t actually have any fish in it. I 1) find the thought of eating fish gross, and 2) can’t get down with the fishing industry! We’re overfishing our oceans like crazy and sometimes it feels like not enough people care about how detrimental the situation is. Most fishing trawlers are the size of a football field and “scoop up everything in their path.” Think that’s not that big? These trawlers can “take in 800,000 pounds of fish in just one netting.” Needless to say, they catch a LOT of fish that they don’t need (some being protected species.) These fish are tossed back into the ocean, most dying or, the more probable, already dead.

As for what vegan mayo I used, I prefer to use Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo, it’s so versatile! I use it in my tofu egg salad, as a spiced up dipping sauce, and even as a base for salad dressing.


(Wondering who made the lovely bowl that my chickpea salad is in? My man Jon made it in a ceramics course we took together last year! His forte is printmaking, but when it comes to ceramics he is clearlyyy gifted in that area as well. Check out his artist portfolio!  P.S. If you search hard enough, you just may get to see a few photos of my butt circa 2 years ago 😉 !)

Another great thing about this recipe is that the ingredients are pretty cheap (except for the nori, but once you buy a pack of that you’re golden for probably a year!) Honestly, I can’t seem to find one down side to this chickpea salad other than once you make a batch, you’ll eat it ASAP and wish you had more ingredients to make another!

I’m not someone who strives to make everything taste like meat or dairy because I find the concept of those things pretty gross, but this tastes a lot like (what I remember) tuna salad tastes like in a really savory plant-based way. Have you guys made chickpea “tuna salad” before? Lemme know if there’s any ingredients you think that my recipe is missing!

Have a great night you guys and talk to you all soon!


10 thoughts on “Chickpeas make the world go round

  1. Lori says:

    I drink cayenne regularly too, I like to mix it with lemon juice and maple syrup. What else is in your detox drink?

    I love your idea of adding nori to give it a fishy flavor, I’ll have to try that!


  2. suziegoesvegan says:

    Ah, I used to love tuna melt and it was just a couple of days ago when I was thinking how I would love to make myself some melts, so thank you for the great tip! I also love cayenne pepper cause just a little sprinkle is enough to make the meal super hot 🙂


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