Hungry hippos+soft serve+TLTs=vegan paradise

Hellooooooo folks! How’s everyone’s day going today?

Today is one of my days off, so my coworker/more importantly vegan-partner-in-crime Alexandra and I decided to venture out in search of a some delish vegan soft serve ice cream. (Wondering where Alexandra and I work? We’re both chocolatiers at Lagusta’s Luscious!)

We heard that Kingston Candy Bar had vegan soft serve, so we clearly had to head to Kingston ASAP. When we got into town, we realized that dessert as the first meal of the day was probably not the best idea (or is it???) so we decided to stop at Outdated Cafe, a vegetarian cafe that our coworkers rave about.

The place is adorable inside and has a super comfy-homey feel to it (aka the best kind of feel in a cafe). We decided to split 2 dishes, a ginger peanut stir fry and a tempeh, lettuce, and tomato sandwich (TLT!)


The ginger peanut stir fry was DELIGHTFUL. It had a bunch of seasonal veggies (as you can see in the picture above!) and was so wonderfully flavorful. My favorite part of the dish was the slices of sweet potato, YUM.

And don’t even get me started on the TLT. It had just the right amount of mayo and the tempeh was so deliciously smoky. The waitress even told us that she made sure the chef toasted the bread in olive oil instead of butter. How accommodating!


Also, they had strawberry lemon water, how cute!

After our lil lunch feast, it was soft serve time. The soft serve flavor of the day? MOCHA! I’m more of a vanilla-based flavor kinda gal, but if it’s going to be chocolatey ice cream it might as well be mocha flavor!


We sat outside at a table that had Hungry Hippos set up, and enjoyed the beautifully sunny day and our ice cream!


(Did I mention that Alexandra has fabulously purple hair?? )

As per usual with us, we vented about family members who claim they can’t live without “their meat” and other vegan rantings. Isn’t it great to vent about old stuffy family members who don’t know what’s up when it comes to animal agriculture? Some people suck but days filled with good friends and ice cream don’t 🙂

Another thing we talked about was the whole misconception of needing dairy for the calcium. Dairy products actually tend to leach calcium from the bones, while plant protein does not. How do you like me now Got Milk commercials? (BURN!)

Anywho, If you live in the Hudson Valley area of New York, you gotta check out both Outdated and Kingston Candy Bar! Especially on a gorgeous day like today, Kingston’s downtown is so cute and cozy that you’ll probably end up spending the whole day (is that really a bad thing though?)

Have a delightful day everyone!!




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