The only time I use Twitter is to send angry tweets at…

No one other than…


Yes, I know sending angry messages is not the way to persuade anyone (if there is one thing that I believe, it is that being rude, angry, and pushy is NOT the way to get someone to change their mind!), but something just feels SO good about telling them that I hope they shut down because of how catastrophically awful of a company they are.

I’m never one to voice a negative opinion at someone. I don’t believe in being all attack-y when trying to get your way, but come on SeaWorld, what are you doing?!


Let’s bring it back to 2013, when Blackfish first premiered. Plenty of people were against SeaWorld before Blackfish, but after it premiered, I can’t think of a single person who was in favor of them. The documentary spit out fact after fact, and used ex-trainers who knew the secret ins and outs of working there. They definitely had a compassion angle of persuasion, but mostly used the facts and laid it all out in the open.

The main concept that I got from Blackfish was that orcas are meant to live in the wild, and not in captivity. Orcas, in their natural habitat, swim on average 100 miles a day. When you are stuck in a pool that is proportionally the size of a human in a bathtub, how can you possibly feel fulfilled? It is in their nature to swim long distances every day, and yet they are denied this vital instinctual need, which results in psychosis. I feel like I go a little crazy when I don’t leave my house for a day. Imagine not only not being able to leave your house ever, but also not even having the choice to leave, or not knowing why you’re stuck there in the first place. Crazy town!


Ever since Blackfish premiered, SeaWorld has been scrambling to get back on their feet. They referred to Blackfish as “propaganda” (HA!) and started a campaign to tell us that they in fact do care about their animals, and that the documentary was “simply wrong.” I think it’s safe to say that NO ONE was buying was SeaWorld was dishing out.

They recently put out a new commercial that made me want to puke out of disgust, it was that pitiful. The commercial tries to take the humane approach and claims that they love their orcas and bla bla bla. It also informs us that they will no longer be breeding orcas (thank GOD) but will continue to keep their current orcas in captivity pretty much until they die (way before they would die in the wild I might add! Their life expectancy in captivity is WAY lower than it is in their natural habitat!)

Yeah, I know that they’re not going to breed any more orcas, but please tell me how this helps the orcas currently in captivity?

Moving on, who here likes Steve-O? I for one LOVED him when I was younger. He’s such a cool dude! Did you know that he went to jail for 30 days because of a protest that he staged against SeaWorld? During his protest (which was on SeaWorld grounds), he climbed a 100ft crane and held out an inflatable orca that said “SeaWorld sucks” and lit fireworks. The protest resulted in chaos, and hence, he was jailed for 30 days.

He took his jail time like a champ, and even posted this awesome photo to his Instagram as a final “screw you” to SeaWorld.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 10.16.46 PM.png


P.S. Steve-O is also vegan, so he’s pretty much the bombbbbb.

One part of Blackfish that I enjoyed SO MUCH was when they told us all the lies that SeaWorld tells their audience. Currently, all of their captive male orcas have collapsed dorsal fins. Blackfish shows undercover footage of tour guides claiming that it is a common and naturally occurring problem. In reality, only 1% of orcas in the wild have collapsed dorsal fins, and when they do, it is because they are sick or injured. Yeah… totally “natural,” SeaWorld…


Another lie that was caught on an undercover cam was that orcas live longer in captivity than they do in the wild. You do NOT have to be a marine biologist to know that this is COMPLETE bogus. Orcas typically live to be 90 years old in the wild, yet the average age of orcas in captivity is 13. Looks like SeaWorld doesn’t understand how basic numbers work?

On top of lying to the public, SeaWorld also drugs their orcas to “calm them”, aka drug them up enough so that their signs of psychosis don’t show. That should be a HUGE sign if you have to constantly medicate your animals because of how crazy they are going from being in captivity.

Alright, one last point that I HAVE to bring up before I wrap up this lil SeaWorld rant is that the ever-so-wonderful Harry Styles spoke up against SeaWorld at one of One Direction’s concerts, and created SERIOUS damage. Footage of the monumental moment can be seen here. In between songs at his show, Harry asks the audience “does anybody like dolphins?” and then replies with “don’t go to SeaWorld.” Those 4 words created mayhem for SeaWorld.

Negative online mentions of SeaWorld went through the roof, and profits plummeted 84%. All from Mr. Styles saying 4 simple words, “don’t go to SeaWorld.” If I wasn’t a One Directioner before, I sure am now. (Just kidding, I pretty much worship 1D even though I’m 23 years old. Too soon to share this embarrassing information? SUE ME)


Welp, I could go on for days talking about Harry Styles, and more importantly, why SeaWorld blows, but I’m not too sure if I would hold your attention. Seriously though, there are a thousand more reasons not to support SeaWorld. It’s actually baffling to me that a company who has screwed up this much still continues to pretend that they’re not in the wrong.

Don’t go to SeaWorld, and equally as important, educate your friends and fam why they shouldn’t too!


6 thoughts on “The only time I use Twitter is to send angry tweets at…

  1. Glauce says:

    I loved your rant. I’m wondering if you’d like to be profiled on my blog? I could send you a few questions about your rant, you’d answer to me and I’d publish as a Q&A. I’d obviously send you the final version for your approval. How does it sound?


  2. pawtheloveofearth says:

    Thanks for sharing what all sensible and animal-minded people are clearly thinking.
    At PtLoE we are definitely of a ‘positive is best’ mindset, but sometimes being positive is met with a brick wall, or in this case, a collection of stupidly small concrete tanks.
    The response to Blackfish (and Harry, if you must) has been great and we hope it continues to build.
    Our mantra is every small step can create a positive change, but Seaworld need to take a MASSIVE stride!

    Liked by 1 person

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