For those of us who don’t want sheep skin oil on our lips

When leaving my house, I always make sure I have 3 things on me: 1) my phone 2) my wallet, and 3) my Smith’s Rosebud Salve. I am full on dependent this stuff, and I don’t care one bit about kicking the addiction. I apply this smooth-goodness to my lips probably 50 times a day, and other chapsticks just don’t work for me anymore, that’s how reliant I am on this one.


Besides it being the best chapstick I have ever used in my life, I love it for two other reasons. 1) It is cruelty free, a necessity for me when it comes to shopping for cosmetics, and 2) it does not contain lanolin. Don’t know what lanolin is?

Lanolin is a “wax secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals” and “wax and the remains of dead fat-producing cells.” Basically, it’s the grease that comes from the wool of sheep. You know how your hair feels kind of gross when you haven’t washed it in a while and it’s all greasy and flat? Well that grease is basically our form of lanolin.

Not only is this something that I NEVER want to have on my lips, but it also contributes to the inhumane wool industry (which is way more barbaric and merciless than most people think it to be!)

Anywho, back to the goods…


I use this stuff for everything. I apply it to my eyelashes at night to strengthen them. I put it on my cuticles when they’re not looking too hot. I use it on my nose when it’s chapped from blowing my nose too much. I even use it for razor burn!

What is this miracle concoction made of, you ask? It has three ingredients: petrolatum, cotton seed oil, and their trade secret perfume premix. On top of that, the Smith’s website has certified that the Rosebud Salve is vegan friendly.

Earlier this week though, I had a BIG scare that it wasn’t.

I was reading the ingredients in Rosebud Salve and wondering what “trade secret perfume premix is.” I googled it, and to my horror, some pages that I found were saying that lanolin was included in this mix! After doing 45 minutes of googling “Rosebud Salve Vegan” and frowning at my computer, I decided to settle the debate once and for all and e-mail the company (something I probably just should have done in the first place? Ah well!)

They e-mailed me back and said that lanolin is not in their Rosebud Salve, THANK THE LORD.

I am so relieved, because for years I have been using this chapstick assuming that lanolin was not included in the mix. I would have been nothing short of devastated if I realized that my beloved chapstick had sheep skin oil in it!

I buy my Rosebud Salve at Sephora, but most health food stores carry it as well. A disclaimer before you buy your first tin of it though: once you start using it, you WILL NOT be able to stop. Enjoy! 😉




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